Dharam Patni 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 2nd June 2023 episode starts with Jyoti informing Mandeep that she only brought one set of anklets for Ravi's wife and Mandeep demands that Jyoti give them to Kavya, Ravi's wife.

Jyoti unwillingly explains that she wishes to give Pratiksha the silver anklet because she is Ravi's legal wife and admires Pratiksha for her ethics and manners.

However, Kavya enters the room with a lovely English breakfast for Jyoti, who makes a melancholy face as she is bored of eating the same food in Paris.

Jyoti requests traditional meals, and Pratiksha steps in to offer Jyoti's favorite Indian foods and snacks.

This excites Jyoti, and after tasting one of the samosas, she closes her eyes and begins making delicious noises.

Meanwhile, Dolly compliments Pratiksha on the mouthwatering snacks, but Kavya is enraged that everyone is ignoring her homemade meal.

Dadi plans to eat one of Pratiksha's snacks when Mandeep stops her because her health is failing.

Jyoti smiles and compliments Pratiksha on her excellent culinary skills and claims that Goddess Annapurna resides in her.

Jyoti pulls a silver anklet from her bag and presents it to Pratiksha, exclaiming that it is an offer of goodwill for every bride, and as Pratiksha receives it Mandeep walks out in rage.

Simultaneously, Ravi is in the room frustratedly pounding his head against the pillow and Adi noticing Ravi asks him why he was late for breakfast today.

Ravi mocks Adi and complains about how he no longer supports him in things, to which Adi responds that everything changes after marriage.

Ravi complains that his life is stuck while Pratiksha steps in with a dish full of food and asks what they're talking about.

Further, Ravi wants to eat all of the Samosas when he sees them, but instead, he mocks Pratiksha for serving him unhealthy meals.

However, Adi grabs the plate and begins enjoying Pratiksha's samosas, declaring that they are the best samosas he has ever tasted in the city.

Ravi wants to munch on them after seeing Adi appreciate them and when Pratiksha departs, he grabs the platter and begins devouring them all.

Later, Pratiksha enters the room to change and attempts to enter the washroom, but it is locked from the inside.

She knocks and tries to open the door but when no one answers, she grows anxious.

She proceeds to bang on the door, but it does not open, and as she tries again, Ravi opens the door and Pratiksha falls on him.

They both look into each other's eyes as all of their memories flash before them.

Pratiksha manages to stand and asks Ravi if he is all right while Ravi gestures to his air pods and explains that he was listening to music and didn't hear Pratiksha call him.

Meanwhile, Kavya is in her room contemplating how Jyoti has begun to side with Pratiksha.

As Ammy walks in, Kavya begins to vent her displeasure on Ammy, claiming that Jyoti preferred the low-class Pratiksha's meal over hers.

She adds that Jyoti gave Pratiksha the silver anklet that only she deserves as Ravi's wife.

Ammy affirms that even though Pratiksha has power over Ravi's bedroom, she is unlikely to ignite a soft spot in Ravi's heart.

Ravi, on the other hand, is suffering from a bad headache and Pratiksha offers to give him a relaxing head massage when she notices him in distress.

As soon as Ravi accepts, Pratiksha begins softly massaging Ravi's head which greatly soothes him.

Ravi is so relaxed that he subtly rests his head against Pratiksha's lap, and Kavya erupts into rage seeing this.

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