Dharam Patni 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 2nd March 2023 episode starts with Beeji lecturing everyone that if they mistreat Pratiksha, they are ruining the Randhawa family’s reputation even further.

She adds that respect is earned not inherited along with money and status and Pratiksha is quiet at the insults thrown at her, out of her respect for all of them.

Kavya tells Beeji that Pratiksha isn’t showing respect but has hit a jackpot by getting married into such a rich family.

Beeji tells Kavya that she is not one to point out as she didn’t even win the lottery in this game.

Mandeep interjects and tells Beeji to not insult Kavya and since it is her house, she won’t let Pratiksha enter.

Beeji claims that not just the house hers but she’s the head of the family too and so she decides to welcome Ravi and Pratiksha as per the traditions.

Mandeep tries to make her understand that Pratiksha is a murderer but Beeji tells her to question her son who married her, despite knowing the truth.

Beeji asks Nupur to get the plate for “puja” as she empathizes with Pratiksha’s pain.

She adds that everyone is understanding Kavya’s pain but who will understand Pratiksha’s pain in this situation?

Ravi tells Beeji that the rituals are unnecessary but she insists on hurrying up and getting them over with.

Kavya threatens everyone that she will commit suicide if the rituals are carried out but Ravi tells her to stop the nonsensical drama.

Beeji tells Kavya that she is treating Pratiksha the same way she would have treated her, had she been married to Ravi.

Despite Kavya’s threats, Ravi takes Pratiksha outside for the “Grah Pravesh” ceremony as per Beeji’s orders.

Mandeep tells Amar to stand up to Beeji who is only doing as she pleases while the rest of the family opposes her.

Meanwhile, Hansa taunts Malhar who’s sleeping while he should be fighting tooth and nail to get Pratiksha back from Ravi.

She tells him that Pratiksha’s will be Ravi’s in a few hours following the “grah pravesh” when the two of them get to spend their first night together.

This ignites a fire in Malhar to prevent this from happening which is what Hansa hoped for.

Meanwhile, Kavya cries as Beeji welcomes Pratiksha with Ravi instead of her and as she instructs her on the rituals to be performed.

As Pratiksha takes her first steps inside the house, Kavya can’t handle it anymore as Ravi’s promise to marry her keeps playing in her head.

She vents out in the kitchen as she smashes plates and throws everything around her, filled with rage and hatred for Ravi.

She can’t believe her misfortune to fall in love with a guy who is more focused on getting revenge than loving her.

She fears Ravi will fall in love with Pratiksha in the process of avenging Kirti and never abandon her.

Spotting a knife nearby, she rushes to grab it as she tries to gather the courage to slit her wrists, afraid she’s lost her chance at a life with Ravi.

As Ravi and Pratiksha enter the house they stare at each other and while Ravi is determined to make this marriage hell for Pratiksha.

However, Pratiksha now aims to be the ideal wife (Dharampatni) despite the unusual circumstances under which her marriage to Ravi has taken place.

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