Dharam Patni 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 2nd May 2023 episode starts with a lady intervening in this situation and entering the Randhawa house with Pratiksha.

Other ladies enter the house while the family members ask her who she is.

Sushila introduces herself as the head of the Naari Shakti NGO which worries Ravi.

Manvi threatens to call the police but Sushila says that the police will side with Pratiksha also.

Mandeep states that only her rules work in the Randhawa house while telling Sushila to leave.

However, Sushila reminds them that Pratiksha is Ravi's first and still legal wife which makes his marriage with Kavya invalid.

Kavya tries to explain to Sushila and talks about Kirti but Ravi stops her.

He scolds Kavya while he goes to Sushila and informs them that no one can take Kirti's place in his heart.

Pratiksha rebukes Ravi for claiming to love Kirti and then forcefully marrying her and then marrying Kavya.

Ravi angrily tells her that he married her for revenge and then married Kavya due to his promise to Kirti.

Pratiksha shows the video of her marriage with Ravi and tells him to answer how they are not husband and wife when the proof of their marriage is out on the internet.

Kavya asks Sushila what about her since she has also gotten married to Ravi just now while Ravi drags Pratiksha to talk to her.

The NGO lady stops Ravi saying that it's a violation again women's rights and that he has to talk in front of them.

Pratiksha tells the lady that Ravi is her husband and can surely take her to their bedroom which shocks everyone.

In the bedroom, Ravi questions Pratiksha if she has gone crazy while Pratiksha acts sweet with him and tells him that he is acting this way since he is not used to having a wife.

He asks her why she is going after him while Pratiksha reminds him that he was the one who was after her and married her forcefully.

She tells him that she is just returning the favor while he pushes her and accidentally gets close to her.

They both fall into each other's eyes and Ravi touches her cheek but goes away from her as if he has gotten a shock.

He threatens to call the police while Pratiksha tells him that the police will listen to her since he married her forcibly and brought her to his bedroom willingly.

She tries to leave the room but Ravi drags her back and traps her in between the wall and himself.

Pratiksha mocks him saying that he is close to her like a husband is to his wife which makes him detach himself from her.

She keeps on annoying him with her sweet romantic talks while Ravi looks at her as if she's gone crazy.

He tells her that he knows she is doing it to torture him while she tells him that a wife cannot even think about torturing her husband.

Ravi tells her to say she is lying but Pratiksha looks straight into his eyes and tells him that what she said is deeper than the truth.

She leaves the room and recalls her moments with Ravi getting close to her while Ravi calls her stubborn and weird.

Kavya comes in front of Pratiksha and asks her if Ravi insulted her.

However, Pratiksha smirks and smiles as she tells Kavya that outsiders should not know what goes in between a husband and a wife in their wife.

Kavya tells her that Ravi is only hers while Pratiksha taunts her saying that they can become sisters and Kavya can call Ravi Jiju from now on.

Pratiksha tells Kavya that it will be her who will leave the Randhawa house.

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