Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 episode starts with Biji and the ladies of the Randhawa and Sachdeva house dancing and celebrating the function while Ravi imagines Keerti talking to him.

He imagines Kirti blowing a feather toward him and he holds the feather as he dances with her while romantic music plays in the background.

However, his imagination gets interrupted as Kavya sits beside him.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha is also listening to music on the radio as she drives somewhere to distribute the wedding cards.

Kavya joins the family and her parents get happy seeing their daughter laugh and smile with joy in her eyes.

However, Mandeep sees her son looking upset and tells Adi to join him too.

Further, Adi brings Ravi to the dance floor while Adi's mother tells him to go with Kavya and distribute the sweets to the media as they are eager to see the new couple in the town.

The media reporters start questioning Ravi and ask him if he knows that Keerti's alleged murderer (Pratiksha) is out on bail and is going to get married in two days.

Kayva tells the reports to not ask questions but Ravi answers them that he is going to change Prateeksha's life in two days and get her punished for the crime she did.

Later, Ravi goes out while he sees Pratiksha getting out of the car beside his car.

Ravi follows her and sees Pratiksha distributing her wedding cards which makes his blood boil.

He tears the wedding card and tells her that she is happy after ruining his life and taking away his love. 

Pratiksha acts ignorant as she climbs back in her car followed by Ravi.

Pratiksha gets shocked as she tells him to get out of the car while he accuses her of ruining his life and killing his Keerti.

Pratiksha calmly tells him to take help from the law if he thinks she is the killer since she took help from the law and got out since she is innocent.

She again tells him to open the car door and get out.

However, before Ravi can exit, some goons wearing black masks come there and force him inside the car as they aim a gun toward Pratiksha and tell her to start driving.

Ravi continues arguing with Pratiksha while she tells him to stay silent and see the situation they are in.

However, she starts scolding the robbers for doing the robbery and tells them to think about what their children might learn from them.

Ravi asks her what kind of woman she is while telling the robbers to let him go since he has no relation to Pratiksha.

Pratiksha gets offended as she tells Ravi that he was after her a few minutes back and now saying that he has no relation with her.

The robbers joke as they state that these two are married and are quarreling.

They tell Ravi to patch up with Pratiksha but he refuses and calls Pratiksha a criminal.

Pratiksha continues by saying that she did not hit Keerti while the goons again think that Keerti is the other woman in their life.

They keep on arguing while Ravi moves the gun toward Pratiksha who is scolding the goons for giving their wives stolen money.

The goon enjoys the scene before them and asks them how they met while Ravi complains that Pratiksha crashed his date.

Pratiksha reveals that she is engaged to Malhar while the robbers demand to see her wedding card as they make fun of the name Malhar.

Ravi reluctantly takes the card from the dashboard and gives it to the goons who state that the Ravi-Pratiksha pair is much better than Malhar-Pratiksha.

They joke about Ravi's fiance while Pratiksha starts scolding them and reveals to them that Ravi's fiance is dead.

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