Dharam Patni 31st August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 31st August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 31st August 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 31st August 2023 episode starts with Mandeep getting conscious and sitting on her bed.

Just then, the nurse enters her wardroom while Mandeep asks her to call her husband.

Outside, Dolly prays frantically for Mandeep to get conscious.

When the nurse asks Amardeep to go inside as Mandeep has called him, Dolly says that she should have prayed for more stuff as all is coming true today.

Meanwhile, Aditya notices that Ravi is sad and asks him why while Ravi says that a girl like Pratiksha who can sacrifice her life for others' sake cannot think of harming others.

Amardeep and Dolly go inside while Mandeep says that she wants to meet Ravi too.

At the police station, Hansa talks with the police inspector and asks him if he has met anyone who turned his hate into love.

When the inspector shakes his head negatively, Hansa says that she has and it is Pratiksha whom she didn't like or ever love but through her actions, Pratiksha has made her fall in love with her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Mandeep asks Ravi to hug her and praises him for standing by his family no matter how hard Pratiksha tried to manipulate him.

Ravi's face falls at Mandeep's comment but he doesn't say anything while Dolly jokes with Amar, asking him to steal a hug from Mandeep at the same time.

Mandeep asks Ravi to talk to the doctors that she wants to leave the hospital as she doesn't like the smell here and as Ravi goes, Mandeep tells Dolly that she won.

She further says that this is what she wanted and her son hasn't gone away from her.

Back at the police station, Pratiksha asks Hansa not to get all emotional when Hansa says that she wants to get Pratiksha out of jail and she isn't able to fulfill her responsibility as a mother.

When Pratiksha seeks an apology for causing her so much stress, Hansa smacks Pratiksha through the jail, asking her to not bend down always that all the world takes advantage of her.

Meanwhile, Mandeep comes home as Biji asks why hasn't Manvi come but Dolly informs her that she is here also.

Just then, Kavya enters the room, complaining about Kinjal's presence in the house but Ravi rebukes her, saying she came to meet him.

She then gets a flashback of Adi talking to Ravi about how Pratiksha is important to him and that he has even left meetings and flights for her.

As Ravi leaves for some work, Mandeep requests Ravi that Pratiksha should not come back into the house but Ravi goes out silently.

Kavya tells Mandeep that Ravi will do the opposite but Mandeep is sure that he won't.

In the kitchen, both Ravi and Kinjal inspect the poisons mixed in the food while Kinjal jokes that from Ravi 'Jiju', he has become a detective.

Just then, Ravi sees Kavya's silhouette outside the kitchenette and asks Kinjal to get in the car outside and wait for him.

After Kinjal leaves, Ravi calls Kavya and asks what information was she trying to eavesdrop on.

Kavya remains silent while Ravi picks out a transparent pouch and asks Kavya what is the truth about it, catching her off guard completely.

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