Dharam Patni 31st January 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 31st January 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 31st January 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 31st January 2023 episode starts with the goons threatening to kill Ravi as they tell him that Pratiksha is at least helping them transport.

Ravi says that he does not want to stay with them also and tries to open the door but Pratiksha stops him.

Pratiksha tells him to not take any decision in a hurry when they see a barricade in front of them.

She lies that the brakes are not working while the goons threaten to kill Ravi.

Pratiksha stops the car immediately which surprises Ravi while wondering why she cared to save him.

Meanwhile, at the Randhawa house, Harneet gets angry seeing Adi with his father and tells him that he is making their educated son turn out like him, a loser.

Adi tells Harneet to not insult his father while Harneet starts crying as she says that he has turned her son against her.

Back at the highway, Pratiksha tries to signal the police while Ravi thinks that she's crazy and calls her out on it.

She lies that she was just thinking of a dance while the goons think of this as a good idea and tell her and Ravi to dance.

Ravi and Pratiksha dance sitting in their car while the police think of it as 'Dancing Car' and joke.

The robbers demand Ravi teach Pratiksha how to reverse the car as she does not know how to drive in reverse.

Ravi holds her hand and teaches her how to drive in reverse while the goons enjoy their impromptu romance.

Further, Ravi forms a plan and indicates to Prateeksha to drive the car speedily.

Afterward, she presses on the break, instantly making the goons launch forward.

Ravi manages to take a hold of the gun and demands the robbers to get out of the car and remove their mask.

The goons remove their mask after which Ravi and Pratiksha argue.

While the pair is distracted, the goons start fighting with Ravi who shoots towards a bag filled with red soil.

The soil flies everywhere as Ravi tells one of the goons to get inside the bonnet of the car while telling the other two to sit in the front seat and drive the car.

The goons reveal that they don't know how to drive and Ravi angrily starts teaching them how to drive.

The car stops after a while and they all get out while Pratiksha and Ravi start fighting again.

The goons take advantage of this and again snatch the gun from Ravi while forcing him and Pratiksha into the car.

Ravi rushes inside the car and locks it from inside while the goons hold Pratiksha hostage.

Ravi threatens to burn their money and make them leave Pratiksha who sits inside the car.

However, Ravi again locks the doors as Pratiksha informs him that she had already sent their location to the control room.

The police come there and arrest the goons while the officer praises and compliments Ravi and Pratiksha's pair.

They again annoyingly reveal that they are not a couple as Ravi requests the police to give him a ride to the market.

Later, Pratiksha returns home and Hansa mocks her for coming home late.

Prateeksha is about to tell them about the robbery but decides against it and goes to her room.

Afterward, Ravi is complaining about Pratiksha to Aditya while Pratiksha is going the same to Kinjal and Parul.

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