Dharam Patni 31st May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 31st May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 31st May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 31st May 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha praising the NGO lady and cautions Ravi not to go close to Kavya since it will be bad for him.

Ravi reports that the NGO lady arrived on time and thanks her for coming, and he wonders if Pratiksha will forgive him.

With a warm hug, Pratiksha accepts his apology and Ravi asks the lady if he can take her home.

Pratiksha tells Ravi that he does not have a car, and Ravi says he will arrange for a taxi to take them both home. 

As they arrive at the Randhawa house, Ravi asks Pratiksha if she wants any gifts for their one-month anniversary.

Pratiksha smiles and says she doesn't need anything and that the sindoor he drew on her forehead is enough.

Meanwhile, Ravi mutters that he can't hate Pratiksha as much as he used to.

Ravi inquires as to why Pratiksha's sindoor was missing today.

Meanwhile, Amardeep is on the phone and informs Mandeep and Manvi that Kavya will return home in the morning.

When Mandeep sees Pratiksha, she stops her and asks her why she caused all the fuss when she herself sent Ravi on his honeymoon with Kavya.

Pratiksha informs Mandeep that she is the one who is unwilling to welcome her in the house and advises her to file for divorce.

Pratiksha, angry, declares that she wouldn't let any unjust behavior in-house, and accuses Mandeep of daring to wash away her vermillion and hearing this, Ravi is taken aback.

Ravi walks out, demanding that Mandeep put an end to all of this chaos.

As everyone leaves with an annoyed look on their face, Manvi assures Mandeep that everything will be OK.

Ravi fights to sleep at night as he recalls all of his memories with Pratiksha, and sitting up in annoyance, he mutters that he can't keep thinking about her.

The next morning, Kavya enters the house with a sad expression and Mandeep is pleased to see her.

However, Ravi appears downstairs and Mandeep urges him not to slip under the control of the evil Pratiksha to which Ravi confirms that nothing will happen.

In the meantime, Ravi supports Pratiksha, calling her a lovely lady who fought against everyone with good intentions.

He believes Pratiksha is his Dharam Patni, while Kavya nags and complains.

Ravi boasts that Pratiksha is so faithful that she has proven to everyone that Ravi is hers, and he demands that Kavya stop her drama because she is simply his friend.

Ravi leaves, asking that Kavya change first, and Mandeep informs Kavya that her sister, Jyoti, is on her way from Paris.

Kavya believes Jyoti will also support Pratiksha but Mandeep promises that nothing much will happen and upon seeing Pratiksha, orders her to stay away from Jyoti.

Later, Pratiksha struggles with tying her blouse rope, and Ravi approaches her and swiftly grabs her blouse rope.

He glances at Pratiksha in the mirror and runs his finger softly across her back, making her nervous.

Pratiksha queries what he's doing and claims she's experiencing tickles while Ravi claims she's a baby.

Pratiksha teases and tickles him, while Ravi laughs and orders Pratiksha to stop.

Her leg slips as they tingle each other, and she falls on top of Ravi on the bed.

She covers Ravi's face with her hair, and Ravi strokes his finger gently across Pratiksha's face.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha struggles to get to her feet and pulls her earing from Ravi's shirt.

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