Dharam Patni 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 3rd March 2023 episode starts with Kavya calling Gulshan and venting out as she feels heartbroken by Ravi.

Kavya cuts the call enraged as she picks up the knife to slit her wrists and end her pain forever.

However, she’s stopped by a servant who manages to snatch the knife out of her hands but collapses on the ground as Kavya pushes her away in anger.

Meanwhile, Mandeep is infuriated as Beeji tells Nupur to bring sweets to welcome the bride and groom and tells her that what she’s doing is wrong.

While Beeji and Nupur argue amongst themselves on the technicality of the marriage, Kavya tells Ravi to stop this madness and kick Pratiksha out while he still has the chance.

Ravi tells her that it’s just a matter of perspective and in his opinion, what he has done isn’t wrong at all.

Kavya tells him that if his final decision is to be with Pratikhsa, her final decision is to not live without him.

Ravi tells her to stop with the suicide threats as no one cares and as she hears the phrase “no one cares” she storms away agitated.

While Mandeep and Beeji begin to play blame games again, Amar tells them that it is not the time to be against each other and scolds Ravi for causing so much trouble in the family.

Pratiksha wonders why he is putting his family through all this and is sure of his regret when he finds out that she’s not Kirti’s murderer.

Gulshan arrives and calls for Kavya, who stands at the top of the staircase with a knife in her hand.

She tells everyone to stand back and not inch closer to her or she will throw herself down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Parul and Kinjal talk about how Pratiksha’s kindness may make Ravi fall in love with her and her life may get better.

Hansa overhears them and scolds them for calling Ravi their brother-in-law, saying that their only brother-in-law is Malhar, and makes them repeat it.

On the other hand, Kavya tells Gulshan to not blame Ravi as maybe she’s not worthy of Ravi’s love as earlier as well, he had chosen her sister and not her.

Ravi tells her that it is not the case and that within a few days, everything will be alright but Gulshan is aggravated at how he can say this so easily.

Kavya tells Gulshan to not worry as she won’t die single but as Ravi’s better half.

She tells Ravi that in her heart, she has already married Ravi and applies vermilion of the blood as she slits her wrists in front of the whole family.

As everyone gasps in horror, she feels dizzy from the sudden blood loss and falls down the stairs as she loses consciousness.

As Nupur calls the ambulance, everyone gathers around Kavya as Ravi holds her head.

Though Ravi dismisses Pratiksha when she tries to offer help, she insists that as a teacher she knows how to do first aid and ties a piece of cloth around Kavya’s bleeding wrist.

As Manvi tells Gulshan to pick her up and move her to a bed, Kavya mutters that she wants to die in peace in Ravi’s arms

Gulshan sobs as he asks her if she couldn’t have thought of her parents who have already lost one daughter before she tried to give up her life for a selfish guy like Ravi.

Even though almost unconscious, Kavya tells Gulshan to not blame Ravi as she’s exactly where she needs to be right now.

As Ravi picks her up in his arms and takes her to the bedroom upstairs, everyone follows him hurriedly.

As Kavya lies on the bed, Manvi yells at Ravi, who now promises to fix things with Kavya, to forget about Kavya forever as he will be stuck with Pratiksha his whole life now.

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