Dharam Patni 4th August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 4th August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 4th August 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 4th August 2023 episode starts with Kinjal coming to Pratiksha and asking her if she is okay. 

Pratiksha nods wiping away her tears while Kinjal tells her that she talked to Dadi and tells Pratiksha to not follow her advice and confess to Ravi only when she feels right. 

Pratiksha thanks Kinjal while telling her that even though Ravi already knows how she feels about him, she wants to confess how much she loves him. 

On the other hand, Ravi also looks at Pratiksha's Mangalsutra in his hand as he recalls their moments together and thinks that he married her the first time without her consent but this time, he is going to confess to her properly and put the holy thread around her neck. 

Kavya walks the halls in anger saying that she has married Ravi and he should want to meet her first. 

Micky and Shera follow her as they think that they will kill only one husband but two wives will become widows. 

Kavya walks and hears Pratiksha telling Kinjal that she has realized her love for Ravi and will shower it on him from now on. 

She talks about how it is their fate and destiny to be together making Kavya's face twist in anger. 

Kavya gets upset and wonders what will she do if Pratiksha and Ravi get together after confessing their love for each other. 

The phone falls from her hand drawing Pratiksha and Kinjal's attention. 

They ask her if she's okay while Kavya acts arrogant and tells them that others break hearing her words. 

Pratiksha tells her to take care of her heart as anything can break but the breaking of a heart is the worse. 

Kavya tells Pratiksha that Ravi wants to meet her before anyone else and tells her to go while Kinjal and Pratiksha get happy hearing it. 

Pratiksha leaves while Kinjal goes to the temple to pray and Kavya sits on the chair and cries. 

Manvi comes there and calms her while Kavya has burst out and destroys things saying that everything is ruined. 

She says that she kept herself alive since she was getting married to Ravi whom she had fallen for and says that she should have died on that day. 

Manvi tells her to calm down and asks her what has hurt her this much while Kavya cries that Pratiksha has fallen in love with Ravi. 

On the other hand, Micky and Shera are following Pratiksha to get to Ravi but lose their sight in the middle. 

Kavya cries to Manvi that only Ravi was in love with Pratiksha but she has fallen in love with him too. 

She cries wondering what will be left of her once they get together. 

Back inside the hospital room, Ravi's health crashes once again while the nurse rushes and shouts to the doctor. 

Kavya cries to Manvi that Ravi will get ecstatic when Pratiksha confesses to him and will take her in his arms. 

Seeing her daughter so miserable, Manvi says that nothing like that will happen while Kavya starts blaming her for things going this way. 

Mandeep cries asking why Ravi's gotten worse again while her husband calms her. 

The doctor asks the nurse about blood for Ravi and she reveals that their blood bank does not have the blood of Ravi's blood type and she forgot since Ravi had regained consciousness. 

The doctor comes out of the room and tells them that they need blood for Ravi and asks them if anyone has O-positive blood. 

Amardeep goes to donate blood while Pratiksha comes there. 

The doctor states that he will need more blood as Ravi has lost a lot of blood worrying everyone. 

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