Dharam Patni 4th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 4th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 4th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 4th May 2023 episode starts with Ravi threatening Pratiksha and informs that Kavya is his only wife.

Pratiksha claims to be Ravi's wife, which he denies, but Pratiksha remains steadfast and assures him that his denial will not change the facts and that he has no choice but to accept her.

Pratiksha then informs the NGO personnel that, because they are unfamiliar with the circumstances, she requests that they search the internet for the release date of her and Ravi's marriage video.

As the lady investigates, she discovers that the video was released two days after the marriage, and Pratiksha informs Ravi that her marriage to Ravi is valid.

Sushila agrees with Pratiksha, but Mandeep informs her that she does not accept Pratiksha.

Pratiksha, with a smile, tells Mandeep that one day she will start liking her, while Ravi orders Pratiksha to stop spewing nonsense.

Meanwhile, Kinjal and Parul arrive at the house, and Pratik is perplexed because he does not notice Pratiksha when he opens the door.

He inquires about Pratiksha, to which Kinjal responds that she is at the Randhawa residence.

Pratik, with his brow furrowed, informs Kinjal that he even messaged her about bringing Pratiksha and Ravi for the Vidai rite, and Kinjal realizes that everything has been a misunderstanding.

Kinjal quickly summons one of the Randhawa household workers, who informs Kinjal that Ravi has married Kavya, but Pratiksha is fighting for her justice with everyone.

Kinjal is taken aback when she hears this and instantly passes the message to Pratik.

Pratik rushes to stand up for Pratiksha, but Kinjal and Parul stop him and tell him to relax so they can check on her.

Meanwhile, Amandeep asks Pratiksha to leave the house, but Pratiksha refuses, and while embracing Ravi's arms, she begs Amandeep to bless the couple.

Mandeep instructs Pratiksha to quit acting, and Pratiksha approaches Biji and informs everyone that Biji is the eldest in the family and has exclusive authority over the household.

People from the NGO agree to this, while Mandeep looks irritably at Biji.

Sushila, on witnessing this, asks Mandeep if she, too, despises Biji and tortures in the family, which enrages Mandeep even more.

Pratik, on the other hand, enters the room to alert Hansa of the neighbor's coming, and as soon as Hansa awakens, she begins wearing her gold jewellery, proudly displaying Pratiksha's marriage into a wealthy household.

Hansa greets the guests and begins bragging about Pratiksha when they question about her.

At this time, the neighbors express their belief that Pratiksha is their daughter, and Hansa rejoices in receiving the queen treatment.

Back at the Randhawa home, Ravi, frustrated, warns the NGO people that Pratiksha is a killer and queries how they can possibly assist her.

Pratiksha speaks out for herself, explaining how Keerti and she were close friends who were preparing to launch an NGO together.

Meanwhile, Kavya begins her drama, mocking Pratiksha, while Mandeep continues to refer to Pratiksha as a gold digger.

Pratiksha, on the other hand, suggests that Mandeep separate Ravi and her from the house, which Mandeep opposes, and Ravi begins to argue as well.

Ammy soothes Ravi and orders Pratiksha to leave the house, while Pratiksha advises her that she may either pull her ears and teach her a lesson, or she recognizes that Pratiksha is her 'Bhabhi'.

Ravi sides with Pratiksha and asks her to leave the house, while Pratiksha wants that he spend time with her.

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