Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 episode starts with Kavya noticing Pratiksha massaging Ravi's head grows angry and yells, which frightens Ravi.

She storms into the room demanding to know what Ravi is up to with Pratiksha.

Ravi murmurs in a trembling voice that he is merely accepting massage from Pratiksha, while Kavya mocks Pratiksha, calling her 'mirchi,' and is irritated by Ravi's unwillingness to approach for head massage to her.

Ravi claims that Pratiksha is voluntarily giving him a massage, however, Pratiksha claims that Ravi accepted to have a massage from her.

Kavya and Pratiksha fight while Ravi gets battered in the middle of their catfight.

Seeing Pratiksha fight makes Ravi happy but he refuses to be a part and rushes out of the room.

Kavya demands that Pratiksha stop interfering in her relationship but Pratiksha simply grins and asks Kavya to cut the bush and bring her water.

Later, the Randhawa's gather for lunch, and Manvi joyfully announces that Kavya is preparing Kheer for everyone.

Pratiksha steps in which silences everyone and finding empty plates, she decides to serve supper but Mandeep stops her in wrath.

Pratiksha offers to serve but Kavya carrying the bowl of Kheer intervenes and orders her to stay out of it.

However, Kavya serves Ravi food with love and care when Pratiksha places her plate in front of Kavya and asks that she also serve food to her.

To break the awkward tension, Mandeep seeks Kavya to offer the delicious Kheer she has prepared.

Upon hearing this Kavya grabs the bowl, transfers the Kheer into it, and serves everyone.

As everyone tastes it, they make disgruntled faces while complimenting Kavya on how great the Kheer is.

This makes Kavya happy and as she gives Ravi the Kheer, believing he will enjoy it, he begins to have hiccups.

Kavya becomes agitated as Dadi declares that the Kheer is too sweet for anyone to continue eating and Kavya storms out of the room in disgust.

Jyoti, on the other hand, describes Kavya as a stubborn woman who refuses to sit with everyone and eat and instead storms out of the room.

Later, Manvi gets frustrated and tells Mandeep about Pratiksha, stating that divorce is the only option to separate Pratiksha from Ravi.

Hearing this, Mandeep pauses to think things through, while Ravi enters Pratiksha's room and quietly inquires about her intentions.

Ravi responds that Pratiksha wishes simply her rights as his rightful wife and does not seek vengeance.

He considers apologizing for his actions but decides against it after receiving a phone call.

He informs Pratiksha that he must leave immediately because he has an important meeting, and as he steps out, he accidentally hits Kavya.

Kavya vents her rage on Ravi for not supporting her during lunch, while Ravi asks Kavya not to pull him into her and Pratiksha's catfight.

Meanwhile, Manvi brings Kavya to her room , and Kavya upon hearing the divorce plan, exclaims with excitement.

Manvi claims that the only way to carry out this plan is to render Pratiksha unconscious during the party, which they are scheduling today.

Mandeep later declares that she is planning a reception party for Kavya and Ravi today, during which she will recognize Kavya as Ravi's sole wife and expel Pratiksha from the Randhawa home for good.

Manvi and Kavya arrive at the lawyers' office in no time, where Kavya reads the document indicating that Pratiksha married Ravi solely for his money and wealth.

Kavya thanks the lawyer for properly documenting the papers and evilly smiles, adding that today's party will alter Pratiksha's life forever.

Later, Kavya sees Pratiksha and warns her not to come downstairs since seeing Mandeep recognize Kavya as Ravi's only will be challenging for her to handle.

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