Dharam Patni 5th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 5th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 5th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 5th September 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha holding Mandeep's hand mid-air shocking everyone.

Pratiksha tells Mandeep that she can say whatever she wants but she cannot raise her hand at Hansa.

She says that she will not let anyone hurt Hansa because of her.

Mandeep goes to Ravi and tells him to see how Pratiksha and Hansa are throwing venomous words at her.

She tells him to answer on her behalf while Ravi stays silent.

As a result, Mandeep vows to not eat even a single grain until Ravi himself throws Pratiksha out of the house and swears on God.

The family tries to explain to her not to do it while Mandeep says that her dignity has been pointed at because of Pratiksha and states that she just wants her out of the house.

Ravi supports Pratiksha!

Manvi and Kavya tell Ravi to speak on Mandeep's faith since she is proud of her while Ravi holds Pratiksha's hand and drags her towards the main door.

Biji stops Ravi by giving her swear but Ravi continues to drag Pratiksha and throws her out of the house while Hansa and Kinjal go out with her.

She says that Pratiksha's marriage has ended and now the Randhawa's destruction has started.

Hansa tells Ppratiksha to come with her as the Randhawas don't have the luck to make her their Lakshmi.

Pratiksha stays glued to her place with tears in her eyes as Ravi walks away.

Kavya comes in front of Pratiksha and mocks her telling her that Ravi has left her so she should go away from their vision too as she is bad luck for them.

Kinjal and Kavya continue to argue while Hansa tells Pratiksha to come with her.

Kavya reasons that Pratiksha needs to be insulted more and tells her that she is the real daughter-in-law of the family since she had entered through Grahpravesh.

However, noticing that Pratiksha's attention is behind her, Kavya looks back and is shocked to see Ravi walking toward them with a Pooja plate in his hand.

He tells Kavya to move aside and puts the rice-filled Kalash in front of Pratiksha telling her that since Kavya had done her Gruhvidaan, he is doing her Gruhpravesh again as her husband.

Ravi does her aarti as half of the family members smile and the rest look on angrily.

Pratiksha's proper Gruhpravesh

He tells Pratiksha to push the Kalash and enter the house with lucky footsteps and tells her that she has the first right to the house as she is Ravi Randhawa's wife.

Kavya cries silently as she walks away from there while Mandeep and Manvi look on in shock.

Ravi holds Pratiksha's hand as she pushes the Kalash and once again makes her entry with a proper Gruhpravesh into the house.

Mandeep glares at their joined hands and feels disappointed in her son as Ravi states that Pratiksha has properly entered the house as the daughter-in-law.

Just then, Kavya comes there with a knife to her wrist and says that either she will stay in the house or Pratiksha will.

Ravi asks her if she's gone crazy while Kavya says that it's her bad luck that her own husband is bringing in another wife into the house.

Kavya threatens to kill herself

Manvi throws accusations at Pratiksha and tells her to leave the house while pleading with Kavya to put the knife away.

Hansa and Manvi argue while Ravi manages to fight with Kavya and throw the knife away.

Kavya goes to take the knife again but is stopped by Ravi who tells her that he is not going to stop her again as the one who wants to die finds a way to do it anyhow if it is their time to leave the earth.

Mandeep blames Pratiksha for the sadness in the house while Ravi asks her why it is happening.

Manvi reasons that Pratiksha has taken Kavya's rights and tells her to leave while Pratiksha continues to look at Ravi expectantly.

Ravi begs her mentally to ask him to support her while Pratiksha also recalls the same thing.

Kavya tries to throw Pratiksha out of the house but is stopped by Ravi who fills Pratiksha's hairline in front of everyone accepting her as his wife.

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