Dharam Patni 6th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 6th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 6th June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 6th June 2023 episode starts with Kavya mocking Pratiksha claiming that Mandeep will only accept her as Ravi's wife and will show Pratiksha her true position in the house.

She adds that Ravi will enjoy today's celebration as well because he will be celebrating with his actual wife.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha assures Kavya that the scenario she is trying to execute will not work because Ravi will always be hers.

Kavya laughs evilly and tells Pratiksha to stop daydreaming, then reminds her that the party is actually her and Ravi's wedding reception.

Pratiksha stands by the mirror growing increasingly anxious as Kavya goes to get ready.

She calms herself down and pleads with God not to take Suhag away from her and to give her the fortitude to face all the hardships.

Later, as everyone gathers Manvi compliments them on their attire, and as Kavya dresses beautifully into the blue saree, she hugs Manvi.

She also informs Manvi that she had a fantastic time taunting Pratiksha earlier about the party and that she will make Pratiksha sign the paperwork shortly.

When Mandeep sees Ravi, she tells him to hurry up and get dressed because the guests are about to arrive, and Ravi going upstairs comes face to face with Pratiksha.

He rests his tender fingers on Pratiksha's forehead, which calms her and she recalls all of her moments with him.

Later, when the party begins Kavya greets everyone and as soon as Ravi enters, Mandeep informs everyone that today is Kavya and Ravi's reception party.

Ravi is taken aback by the news, and as he exits the room, he mutters to himself that if Pratiksha finds out she will be devastated.

However, Pratiksha sees Ravi outside the hall and summons him to his reception party which puzzles Ravi because he did not expect Pratiksha to know about it.

Pratiksha enters the party and interacts with each visitor cordially, but Mandeep bursts out in rage when she sees Pratiksha.

She opposes Pratiksha and questions her presence at the celebration while Pratiksha claims that she deserves to be here because she is a member of the family as well.

Mandeep frustrated by Pratiksha's response, urges her to stop talking but Pratiksha boldly declares that she will not sit silently if anyone infringes on her rights.

Pratiksha goes out violently, and Biji sees all these smiles because she admires Pratiksha's ability to handle any situation flawlessly.

Simultaneously, Malini begins to choke out of nowhere, alarming everyone and they consider calling an ambulance until Pratiksha grabs Malini and begins slamming on her back.

Mandeep and Kavya mock Pratiksha for her impulsive action with visitors, but Malini chokes on a food item, which relieves her and she thanks Pratiksha for her assistance.

Dadi seeing this advises Mandeep to cancel the reception party since Pratiksha will not sit quietly, and instead of the guests admiring Kavya, they will end up liking Pratiksha.

Mandeep dismisses this idea while Kavya interrupts Pratiksha and criticizes her attempt to win people over.

Kinjal, on the other hand, fights for Pratiksha, and after confronting the two sisters together, Kavya flees in wrath.

Back at the party, Manvi draws everyone's attention to her at Ravi and Kavya's marriage, and Pratiksha who is standing behind Ravi asks him to correct the misunderstanding that he loves Kavya.

However, Mandeep enters and informs everyone that they are about to play a pair game in which the grooms will be blindfolded and will pick a chit.

They must locate their bride and select a chit, and whatever is written on the chit must be completed by the groom.

Kavya ecalls how Manvi and she intended to place a rose in her hair so that Ravi could recognize it and choose her and kiss her in front of everyone.

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