Dharam Patni 6th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 6th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 6th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 6th March 2023 episode starts with everybody taking Kavya to her room who is badly injured and seeing her condition, Gulshan warns Ravi if anything ever happens to Kavya, he will ruin him.

Ravi tries to explain to him that he will now marry Kavya as marrying Pratiksha was a revenge-seeking act.

This disturbs Gulshan more than Ravi thinks of Kavya as he will never let Ravi play with Kavya’s emotions.

Pratiksha recalls the wonderful life she had with her family and how Ravi spoiled everything by forcibly marrying her.

Just when she is recalling everybody’s harsh words at Randhawa's house, Beeji consoles her that it has been a very long tiring day for her and asks Amaira to help her to the room.

Meanwhile, at Parekh House, Hansa is scolding Kinjal and Parul as she is having a headache and asks if Pratik is ready with divorce papers but he answers that the lawyer made him confused.

Pratik says that if Pratiksha is innocent, then they should wait as Ravi will eventually accept her.

Hansa asks him to hurry with the divorce as she wants Malhar and Pratiksha to get married soon.

Pratik declares that he is never going to let Malhar marry Pratiksha, listening to which Hansa warns him if he is not going to let them marry, she will divorce him.

At Randhawa's house, Pratiksha brokenheartedly recalls Ravi’s words about how he will hate her forever despite her being blameless.

A pure-hearted Pratiksha then prays for Kavya’s well-being and thinks about her parent's state of mind.

She thinks it is Ravi who is responsible for all this and everybody is making her the culprit.

Kinjal and Parul video calls her to ask about her well-being and just show them a glance at Ravi but before she can answer, tears roll down Pratiksha's eyes and both of them disconnect the call, understanding that things are not alright at her side.

She lies down on the floor sobbingly, recollecting Ravi’s words but she is determined that she will follow her duties as a ‘dharampatni’ but she will never love him as his wife.

On the radio, Pratiksha hears Ravi Randhawa’s wedding is the news being talked about.

RJ announces Ravi and Pratiksha as a match made in heaven and congratulates them, listening to which she aggressively throws the phone on the floor and wonders how can that be a happy marriage.

She exclaims it is Ravi who is responsible for spoiling so many people’s lives and that Kavya is injured because of him but Pratiksha is made the villain in everybody’s eyes.

While Doctor is checking on Kavya, Gulshan loses his cool and yells at Amardeep that Ravi is responsible for Kavya’s condition and that, he will never forgive him.

Pratiksha is still alone in her room, missing her mother and how lonesome she is without her in this world.

She recalls how her mother uses to motivate her to always try irrespective of outcomes.

Pratiksha says that her mother raised a fight and vows to prove her innocence to the world.

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