Dharam Patni 7th April 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 7th April 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 7th April 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 7th April 2023 episode starts with Mandeep and Manvi stopping Pratiksha, while Kavya asks Ravi to continue through the 7 rounds of marriage.

Kavya, who is holding Ravi's hands, begins the rounds, while Ravi stares at Pratiksha with emotion.

However, once the rounds have ended, the priest directs Ravi to place sindoor in Kavya's forehead, to which Pratiksha and Pratik call out Ravi and implore him not to.

Pratiksha then pushes Mandeep and Manvi and steps on the Mandap, putting an end to the wedding.

She hurls the sindoor towards air and requests that Ravi examine her sindoor first.

However, observing Pratiksha's continual intervention, Kavya becomes enraged, while Pratiksha stands beside Ravi, clutches his hand, and declares that they are a true pair.

Mandeep then tries to take Pratiksha away from Ravi, but Ravi stops her and argues that whatever Pratiksha is saying is real, and hence he cannot marry Kavya because he is already married to Pratiksha.

However, everything appears to be an illusion, and Pratiksha learns that the wedding has yet to begin.

Manvi, on the other hand, grabs Pratiksha's mouth and instructs the bodyguard to expel her.

The bodyguards move Pratiksha to another room while Manvi arrives and warns them to be cautious.

Pratik, Kinjal, and Hansa are in the car, and Hansa demands that Pratik eat something, which Pratik refuses.

Meanwhile, Mandeep queries Manvi about why she isn't at the wedding, and when she sees the bodyguards, she inquires about their identities, to which Manvi responds that they are cleaners.

Biji suddenly collapses on the floor, and Ravi rushes out of the mandap to help her and considers returning to the room to bring her medication.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha awakens, and the bodyguards closing the door try to stop her by sniffing her chloroform.

They roll Pratiksha inside a carpet, though, and as they pass Ravi, he suspects them and stops them.

The bodyguards acknowledge them as cleaners and proceed to depart, but Ravi stops them once more and inquires as to where they are taking the carpet.

They make up an excuse and Ravi offers them money while they are hard at work, and as they are about to leave, Ravi stops them for the third time.

Kavya is worried since Ravi hasn't returned yet, and Dolly, noting Kavya's concern, asks her if Ravi has fled.

She begins to worry that Dolly's remarks would come true, but Harneet calms her down and promises her that Ravi will marry her today.

Meanwhile, Ravi informs the bodyguards that he suspects something is wrong and demands that they leave the carpet alone and clean something else.

At the same time, Pratiksha begins to awaken, while Ravi is distracted by Kavya.

The bodyguards see it as an excellent opportunity to abduct Pratiksha, and Ravi orders Kavya not to engage in love talk with him and informs her that he is not in love with her.

Later, Kavya is in her room, and as Manvi arrives, she begins venting her rage on Manvi, calling herself unlucky since Ravi does not love her.

She is concerned about Pratiksha's presence at her wedding, to which Manvi responds that she has successfully kidnapped Pratiksha, which makes Kavya overjoyed.

Meanwhile, the absence of the carpet renders the cleaners ineffective.

Amardeep orders the police not to let Pratiksha into the mansion, and the bodyguards who hear this plan how they would get Pratiksha out.

They consider walking out in front of them while the inspector requests that they open the carpet.

However, Ravi collides with Gurmeet in a rush, and seeing Ravi's unhappy expression, he asks whether everything is well.

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