Dharam Patni 7th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 7th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 7th June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 7th June 2023 episode starts with Manvi urging Amardeep to begin the couple game, and Amardeep gets blindfolded as he comes in.

As the game begins Amardeep searches for Mandeep by comparing his height to the woman he is choosing, and after it matches he hugs Mandeep.

Manvi selects a chit for Amardeep instructing him to recite a beautiful "shayiri" for Mandeep.

Mandeep blushes when she hears Amardeep's beautiful shairi, and as Rahul shows up next, he is also blindfolded.

However, he chooses the wrong partner which makes everyone laugh, and as per Manvi's chit, he has to do 10 sit-ups while holding his ear as an apology.

Everyone breaks out in laughter as the game proceeds while Ravi walks in, Dadi cheers for him.

As soon as Ravi is blindfolded, he begins marching towards Kavya which enrages Pratiksha.

Pratiksha understands how Kavya placed a rose in her hair so that Ravi would choose her and pay attention to her.

Ravi approaches Kavya and extends his hand to her but he quickly withdraws.

Kavya is perplexed when Ravi turns and begins going toward Pratiksha.

Ravi moves swiftly towards Pratiksha and when he gets in front of her, he delicately brushes his finger across her face which surprises her.

Ravi agrees that the companion he has picked is undoubtedly his wife, Dharam Patni, while Kavya starts to sob.

Manvi is ready to pick Ravi's chit when Dadi comes forward and declares that she will select the chit for Ravi.

Dadi is ready to choose the red chit in which the kissing event occurs but instead chooses a green chit, which calms Mandeep.

Ravi is supposed to dance with her partner and when he hears this, he smiles and gets down on one knee to ask Pratiksha to join him.

Pratiksha swiftly places her hand in Ravi's and the two begin dancing passionately.

Ravi runs his fingers over Pratiksha's hair and pulls her closer, making her feel nervous and special.

However, Kavya storms out of the hall and Manvi pursues her upstairs while Kinjal suspects her and follows her as well.

Kavya slams the rose to the floor, ranting about how Ravi chose Pratiksha yet again.

Manvi attempts to calm Kavya down after witnessing her wrath but Kavya claims she will soon illegally separate Pratiksha and Ravi.

As the dance concludes, the visitors cheer and one lady remarks that Pratiksha and Ravi seem to share an intense bond and are meant for each other.

Dadi laughs at this and Pratiksha departs the room uneasily.

Ravi pursues Pratiksha and admits to her that he knows he did the wrong thing by marrying her in the improper way but he now feels like Pratiksha is his Dharam Patni.

Meanwhile, Kinjal, holding the rose mutters that she is certain Kavya is plotting something against Pratiksha.

Ravi asks Pratiksha whether she feels the same way he does but Pratiksha says it's not important to discuss her sentiments.

Ravi insists on knowing but Pratiksha asks him to confront Mandeep and tell her that he does not want Kavya instead of grilling her.

Pratiksha departs, which irritates Ravi but Kavya shows up too, Ravi also leaves like Pratiksha.

Pratiksha sits nervously on the chair when Mandeep walks by and mocks her indirectly while conversing with Manvi.

She stands up for herself and warns  Kavya that she is letting her go today but if she stands between her and Ravi in the future, she will not hesitate to lock her up in jail.

She also admits that she knows Mandeep and Manvi plotted to make Ravi kiss Kavya.

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