Dharam Patni 7th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 7th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 7th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 7th March 2023 episode starts with Gulshan questioning Amardeep’s upbringing as Ravi does not even know how to value the relationship.

The doctor examines Kavya and updates that the cut was very deep but thankfully not fatal or else, it would have been impossible to save Kavya.

Everyone thanks God but Ravi is lost in his thoughts as he is responsible for Kavya’s condition and was marrying her just because of the promise he made to Keerti.

However, he cannot break another promise made to her which was to avenge her murderer.

He is so wounded that he pledges himself to make Pratiksha’s life a living hell.

The doctor continues that though Kavya is out of danger, her condition is critical for 2-3 days and they need to take care of her very well also mentioning it will not be a good option to shift her back home.

Gulshan is not ready to let Kavya be at Randhawa’s residence, so he argues with Amar that he can never let her stay at that place.

When Ravi tries to convince him, he grabs him by the collar and warns him to not come close to Kavya and he even vows to never let Ravi be happy in his life.

Gulshan promises to himself that he will destroy Randhawa's as Kavya was compelled to commit suicide by Ravi.

He considers Ravi more responsible than Pratiksha as he increased her importance when she deserved nothing.

Ravi indistinctly listens to all the bashing as he is guilty and Gulshan declares that he breaks all the relations with Randhawa's.

Ravi tries to explain to him that the marriage with Pratiksha is an act to avenge Keerti but before he can complete his sentence, a furious Gulshan slaps him.

Gulshan is hit by waves of emotions and suddenly becomes emotional because his daughter was hurt and he recalls how madly she was in love with Ravi since childhood.

Mandeep points out that Ravi has become so blind in revenge that he forgot the promise he made to Keerti and this makes him realize that he has actually committed a crime.

He thinks to himself that his act has spoiled two families and now he will make everything alright by breaking this marriage.

Outraged Ravi barges into the room and blames Pratiksha for everything.

He continues that he will take again ‘reverse pheras’ to nullify their wedding.

He orders her to get out of the house but she bawls at him, saying she is going nowhere and have become so numb that he doesn’t scare her anymore.

Pratiksha says that she will not be easily victimized by Ravi and warns him that she will not let him play again with her emotions.

Ravi loses his temper and lights fire in the room and then forces Pratiksha to take ‘reverse pheras’ but Aditya enters the room and is shocked to see them.

It seems as if the God is with Pratiksha, gusty winds start to blow outside and it starts pouring heavily along with lightning.

Ravi commands Aditya to close the window so that the fire is not extinguished by rain but suddenly Amaira comes to inform them that Kavya has gained consciousness and Ravi leaves abruptly.

Pratiskha is again left all alone in the room and she calls Parul and Kinjal to outburst her emotions questioning her misfortune.

Back in the room, Kavya demands to talk to Ravi in solitude while she blames Ravi for recklessly ruining her life.

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