Dharam Patni 8th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 8th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 8th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 8th March 2023 episode starts with Ravi and Kavya discussing how Ravi has destroyed her life and now that he has hurt her so much she has no will to live.

She demands to get rid of Pratiksha and Ravi assures her that he will find a way.

At the same time, Pratiksha appears in the room and they ask her why has she come.

Pratiksha replies that she is here to see if Kavya is doing good but Kavya shuts her up and asks her to get out of the room as she cannot bear her sight.

Enraged Kavya accuses her of marrying Ravi just for money so she and her family can live comfortably but Pratiksha warns her to stop it as she will not let Kavya insult her family.

In a frenzy of rage, Kavya loses her temper and her condition worsens, seeing this Ravi asks Pratiksha to get out of the room.

At Parekh house, Parul and Kinjal ask Pratik to save Pratiksha or she will die and he decides to leave for Randhawa's and bring Pratiksha back.

Hansa interrupts their conversation and taunts Pratik as since he never wanted Malhar and Pratiksha to get married, there is no need for him to bring her back.

At Randhawa's, seeing Mandeep grieving over the whole thing, Ravi approaches her.

She tells him that because of his mistake of leaving Kavya at the altar, their years-old relationship with Kavya's family is shattered.

She continues, that Ravi got so blind in his revenge that he forgot what is right or wrong.

However, he insists that he could not endure the sight of Pratiksha and her happiness; he still wants to continue the act to teach her a lesson.

Mandeep says she will never accept Pratiksha as her daughter-in-law and asks him to promise her that he will do as she says.

Ravi agrees to it and says he will do whatever she instructs.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha comes there searching for Ravi but Mandeep accuses her of eavesdropping on them.

She resents her extremely and has something cooking up to get rid of Pratiksha, so she asks Ravi to get ready, and she will help Pratiksha to get ready.

On asking about whether they are going somewhere, Mandeep quietens Pratiksha and orders her not to ask questions to her.

At Pratiksha’s home, Hansa taunts Parul and asks her to bring vegetables from the market as she plans on inviting Malhar when Pratiksha returns.

While Pratiksha gets ready, she asks Aditya about the ritual and gets to know it’s ‘Pagphere’ (the bride going to her parent's home for the first time).

Ravi along with her leaves for her home and she appreciates that his mom is so thoughtful in doing this ritual but Ravi does not answer her and asks her not to talk to him.

He thinks to himself about the promise he made to Mandeep and how two families are destroyed because of her. 

Ravi begins to drive rashly but just then on time, Pratiksha saves them from a car crash.

Rather than thanking her, he starts ridiculing her and they start quarrelling again.

Ravi mocks her for her foolishness and asks if she does not like then she may get down, so she gets down and sits on the back seat.

He asks her to come and sit in front but she doesn’t pay an ear to him.

Ravi thinks of Mandeep's words as his next step would end this drama and his purpose of avenging Keerti and ruining Pratiksha’s life will be served.

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