Dharam Patni 8th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 8th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 8th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 8th September 2023 episode starts with Mandeep telling Pratiksha to admit that she was the one who mixed the poison into the food.

However, Biji comes there and stares into Mandeep’s eyes, telling her that she heard everything while Mandeep looks at the floor.

When Pratiksha tries to say something, Biji stops her, saying she heard everything after which she tells Mandeep to go upstairs and take a rest.

After that, Pratiksha goes to the kitchen to warm some milk while Kavya thinks Pratiksha is going to take this milk to Ravi’s room.

She becomes nervous and stops Pratiksha on her way as she is about to fly upstairs.

Kavya asks her who she is taking milk for while Pratiksha just adds to the situation, asking Kavya to imagine for whom she is taking the milk.

Kavya loses her mind and watches Pratiksha, imagining her and Ravi on the bed together.

She blocks her ears and screams while Pratiksha asks her why she screamed.

Kavya looks at her, saying she can go as she realizes that the milk is not for Ravi since Pratiksha is going toward Mandeep’s room.

Pratiksha brings warm milk to Mandeep’s room where both Biji and Amardeep are scolding Mandeep.

Biji tells Mandeep not to fight since she is ill while Mandeep tells Pratiksha to leave the room.

However, Amardeep intervenes and tells Pratiksha that Biji told him everything so she doesn’t need to defend or justify herself.

Just then, Biji takes the milk from Pratiksha’s hand and orders Mandeep to drink it as she should stay quiet and rest.

As Amardeep apologises on Mandeep’s behalf, Mandeep asks him not to talk about her to Pratiksha.

Rather, he is free to appreciate her but not talk about her to the girl who has snatched her every comfort.

Biji asks Mandeep to quieten down and drink the milk as it is her order as her mother-in-law.

Mandeep gets irked and internally says that she is going to collaborate with Kavya next to show Pratiksha her place.

After Pratiksha leaves, Biji follows her while laughing.

Upon asking what happened, Biji reveals to Pratiksha that just due to her, she got to scold Mandeep today while Pratiksha chuckles.

Afterwards, she goes to Ravi’s room while Ravi is unable to sleep and questions himself as to why he gets nervous whenever he is around Pratiksha.

As he closes his eyes, Pratiksha enters and covers him with a blanket after which, she gets a flashback of their fight when they fought who would sleep on the bed.

She mildly wakes him up and asks him to sleep on the same bed as she can sleep on the couch.

Ravi gets surprised and funnily asks her why she is being nice to him while she tells Ravi that after he brought her home, this is her warm thank you to him.

Meanwhile, Mandeep goes to Manvi and tells how for the very first time she is feeling her own family turn against her.

Manvi widens her eyes when Mandeep says that she doesn’t feel like the Queen of this house anymore as Pratiksha has influenced everyone around her.

Manvi tells her that she has been informing her of this only for a long time when just then, Kavya enters the room.

Kavya tells Mandeep that Pratiksha hasn’t been stealing from this family only but Ravi too from her.

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