Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 episode starts with Kinjal sliding over to Hansa and asking her if she thinks that the priest is weird too.

Hansa is happy that someone is thinking the same as her and tells Kinjal that she thought the same and told Pratik about it too.

However, as they turn toward the priest, they get shocked to see that the priest (Ravi) is gone.

Pratik tells the family to calm down while he goes and checks the place.

Back at Ravi's wedding place, Harneet brings some of her guests to talk to Ravi while Deepanshu keeps being silent under his veil.

The guests request a picture with the groom while Adi makes up an excuse and makes the guests leave.

Harneet scolds Adi and tells him that he is acting just like his father.

However, Adi tells Harneet to stop pretending to be Randhawa's since they are Dhillon and leaves from there.

Back at the Parekh wedding venue, Ravi bumps into Pratiksha and she drops her phone while Ravi's beard also falls away.

Pratiksha angrily shouts but stops as she looms at the back of the priest and gets suspicious of him being Ravi.

Before she can confront him, Ravi has managed to attach the beard back to his face, fooling Pratiksha.

Ravi leaves there while Pratik and Hansa come to Pratiksha and ask her if she saw Ravi.

Pratiksha gets confused while Hansa informs her that Pratik has entered the place as the priest.

Pratiksha thinks that her doubt was correct and wonders why Ravi is trying to ruin his life.

She also thinks that once Ravi learns of her innocence, he will regret it and think to apologize to her.

Meanwhile, Ravi locks himself in the room where he had tied up the original priest.

Flashback shows, Ravi, entering the room with the priest and getting past security after which he locks the priest in one of the rooms in the venue.

Back in the present, Ravi tries to bribe the priest into lying to Hansa and Pratik while the priest thinks that he won't be able to make such an amount of money even if he does weddings for the whole decade.

Just then, Hansa and Pratik start banging on the door for the priest to open the door and Ravi hides behind the curtains of the window.

Hansa thinks that the original priest is wearing a mask and latches onto his face while Pratik drags her back telling her that this priest is not fake.

They ask the priest about Ravi and the priest tells them truthfully that Ravi is behind the curtain.

Back at the Randhawa house, Deepanshu gets worried since his girlfriend is angry at him for not picking up his calls while Adi worries about Ravi returning home on time.

Back at Pratiksha's wedding venue, Hansa and Pratik start berating and scolding Ravi while the real priest stops them and lies to them that Ravi is his Sahyogi (supporting) priest.

The priest lies to the Parekh couple that he had called the Sahyogi priest to help him since his health was not that good today and he had to stay awake the whole night too.

The priest makes up an excuse for Ravi to Hansa and Pratik while Hansa gets even more suspicious after hearing Ravi's phone ring.

Pratik tells Hansa to believe the priest and takes her back downstairs while Ravi sighs in relief.

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