Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Written Update 13th May 2019: Simmi gets attacked

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Written Update 13th May 2019: Simmi gets attacked

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 13th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 13 May episode starts with Saniya getting angry on Bhatia. She states to him that she wants Rocky at every possible cost. Bhatia consoles her by saying that has a plan.

Rocky steps out of the house. Simmi calls out aloud and informs Happy that Rocky’s stitches are bleeding. Happy takes him to the doctor.

Happy gets angry on Rocky for hiding his injury from her. The doctor sees Happy’s care and addresses her as Rocky’s wife.

Happy and Rocky come to an orphanage. He tells Happy that he donated half of his wealth in the orphanage for the kids. Rocky stares at Happy.

RV comes to meet Happy. He says that he fears that she also has a doubt on him. Happy states that she trusts him completely.

RV holds Happy’s hand. Rocky gets upset on seeing them together. He accuses Happy of calling RV deliberately.

Rocky fumes in anger and comes back home. Simmi makes him realize that Happy loves him and not RV. Rocky feels guilty.

Rocky tries hard to apologize to Happy but fails. Simmi plans a date night for Rocky and Happy. A stranger keeps an eye on Rocky.

Simmi comes to reserve a seat for Happy and Rocky’s dinner date. She gets stuck in the lift. Rocky comes to help Simmi.

Happy comes and helps Rocky. Rocky brings Simmi out from the lift.

The written update of 13 May 2019 Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji episode full story ends.

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