Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Written Update 14th May 2019: Rocky supports Happy

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Written Update 14th May 2019: Rocky supports Happy

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 14 May episode starts with Simmi apologizing to Rocky for not being able to plan his dinner date. Happy comes there. Simmi and Rocky change the topic.

Rocky tries to say something to Happy. Happy advises him to speak up his feelings only when his heart accepts everything. Simmi feels bad for Rocky.

RV calls Happy and questions her if everything is sorted between Rocky and her post the orphanage incident. Happy tells him that she is fine.

RV calls Happy for a meeting. Happy agrees to come.

Some guests come over to Khosla house. Madhu and Biji insult Happy and Sandhya for trapping Rocky. The guests also curse Happy.

Rocky comes in Smiley, Sandhya, and Happy’s support. He states that they misunderstood him and got him arrested.

Rocky counts Happy’s favors on his family. He gets angry on the guests and asks them to leave.

Happy comes to Rocky, who is fuming in anger. They share an adorable conversation. Happy requests Rocky to move on in his life.

Rocky pulls Happy close to him. Rocky and Happy stare at each other. Rocky is about to express his feelings when Gogi comes there.

Madhu gets angry on seeing Happy and Rocky together.

Rocky tells Simmi that he will confess his love to Happy soon. Madhu comes to Rocky.

The written update of 14 May 2019 Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji episode full story ends.

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