Divya Drishti Written Update 20th July 2019: Drishti-Divya save Simran

Divya Drishti Written Update 20th July 2019: Drishti-Divya save Simran

Divya Drishti 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Divya Drishti 20 Jul episode starts with Pishachini redirecting the pest control fog away from Lavanya. Drishti tries to find out the person wearing ghungroo.

Pishachini comes to the party wearing a mask. She comes to Lavanya and asks her to go away from the sight of Rakshit and others.

All the guests at the party feel suffocated because of the poisonous fume spread by Pishachini. 

Divya and Drishti identify Simran to be the person who has turned into a human bomb. They use rahasya tara to seek Chiranjeev’s advise for saving Simran’s life.

Chiranjeev warns them that they have only 24-minutes to save Simran because after that the Kaal Vijay gem will burst inside her body and Simran will die.

Pishachini looks for Drishti, Divya, and Simran in the party. Drishti, Divya, and Simran leave for the Shiv temple. Pishachini follows them.

Meanwhile, all the family members fail to breathe because of the poisonous fumes. Lavanya comes in her lizard avatar and bites Shergill family members.

Pishachini attacks Simran to snatch the gem from her. Divya stops her using her powers. Simran mistakenly falls on the shivling.

The glow on Simran’s body reduces as the powers of Kaal Vijay gem penetrate into the shivling. Drishti and Simran try to lift the shivling.

Chetan asks Anjaan to go and help Drishti and Divya. Meanwhile, Divya and Drishti enter into a fight. Pishachini throttles Divya but Divya counters her and traps her beneath the pillars.

Drishti, Divya, and Simran bring the shivling in the middle of the river. The shivling bursts inside the water. Pishachini gets burnt. Divya and Simran come out of water.

Anjaan gets worried when he fails to find Drishti. Rakshit finds Drishti lying unconscious on the shore. He brings her back to life.

The written update of 20 July 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

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