Divya Drishti Written Update 3rd August 2019: Kaanch Rani attacks Shergills

Divya Drishti Written Update 3rd August 2019: Kaanch Rani attacks Shergills

Divya Drishti 3rd August 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Divya Drishti 3 Aug episode starts with Drishti craving in pain while being stuck inside the mirror maze. Kaanch Rani comes to Rakshit and hugs him lovingly.

She enacts to act sweet like Drishti in front of her but Rakshit got suspicious on her when he didn’t see the bite mark on her shoulder.

Kaanch Rani talks rudely with Rakshit but tries to cover up her loophole with a lie. Rakshit manipulates her by saying that he will not bring the gem as he wants to save her life.

Drishti writes a hint on the foggy mirror. Unfortunately, Pishachini comes there and rubs off the hint. She decides to trap Divya in her plan.

Rakshit comes to Divya and states that he is doubtful on Drishti’s behavior. Pishachini comes there and shows them the glimpse of Chetan in a miserable state.

Pishachini comes to attack Shergill family members but Divya, Rakshit, and Romi counter her using their combined powers.

Rakshit and Romi leave to save Chetan from Pishachini. Rakshit gives a dagger to Shikhar as a weapon to defeat Pishachini.

Kaanch Rani enacts to get friendly with the family members. Meanwhile, Shikhar and Divya get into an argument. Divya questions Shikhar for supporting Pishachini earlier. She says she doesn’t trust him.

Drishti meets Mahima and shows her Kaanch Rani avatar to her. Mahima gets scared on seeing her. Kaanch Rani throws Mahima inside the mirror maze.

Drishti tries to make Divya feel her sense but Kaanch Rani diverts Divya’s mind. The door to Hell opens and Drishti sees Mahima around.

Kaanch Rani tells Divya about Mahima has gone missing. She creates Mahima’s doppelganger using her mirror powers.

Rakshit and Romi look for Chetan in the jungle. Pishachini attacks Chetan. Rakshit finds Chetan. Pishachini attacks Romi. Rakshit counters Pishachini’s attacks.

Kaanch Rani converts Ojaswani as well in her mirror avatar. She sends all the family members inside the mirror maze.

Kaanch Rani tries to convince Divya to bring the Kaal Vijay gem. Rakshit returns home. He secretly advises Simran to rush to her room.

Rakshit gets doubtful on seeing his family members. Pishachini throttles Simran.

The written update of 3 August 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Drishti comes out of the mirror maze. Divya falls in Kaanch Rani’s trap.

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