Divya Drishti Written Update 6th July 2019: Mahima is spelled by Pishachini

Divya Drishti Written Update 6th July 2019: Mahima is spelled by Pishachini

Divya Drishti 6th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Divya Drishti 6 Jul episode starts with Mahima showing her disgust towards Drishti in front of Rakshit. Lavanya gives the spiked drink to Divya, Rakshit, and others.

Divya tells Rakshit that she has a doubt on the drink as orange juice cannot have a green color. Other members of the Shergill family feel sleepy after drinking the juice.

Pishachini bumps into Drishti. Drishti questions her for snatching her superpowers. Pishachini mocks at her for falling into her plan.

Divya, Rakshit, Shikhar, and Romi try hard to indulge all the family members in games. Meanwhile, Drishti converses with Chiranjeevi through the rahasya tara.

Chiranjeevi asks Drishti to stay close to her family members. Drishti rushes towards Shergill house.

Pishachini meets Rakshit after freezing everyone. She tells him that she has attacked Drishti. Rakshit gets worried but enacts to be carefree in front of Pishachini.

Rakshit steps out to find Drishti. He comes to Lord Shiva to seek his help. Rakshit performs a thrilling tandav dance in heavy rains.

He takes the powerful sword and promises the idol to protect Drishti at every cost with his blessings. Anjaan looks for Drishti behind the walls as told by Pishachini.

Anjaan’s mask falls down. He feels that Pishachini has learned about his truth and so intentionally tricked him.

Drishti comes back home. She sees a glimpse where Mahima is trying to attack someone. Rakshit gets upset with her.

Drishti curses Rakshit for marrying Lavanya and hiding everything from her. The two get into an argument.

Mahima heads with a sword after Drishti. She tries to stab Drishti but Rakshit, Divya, Shikhar, and Romi try to stop her.

Divya gets back her powers when the mogra bracelet falls off from her hands. She pushes Mahima away. In this hustle, Drishti falls down the balcony. Rakshit saves her.

Drishti tells Rakshit that Mahima is not in her control. The two get emotional when Rakshit shows his concern for Drishti.

Rakshit counts his mistakes. Drishti teases him to say sorry to her. Rakshit feels awkward but later apologizes to her.

Lavanya questions Pishachini about the person who will be killed by Mahima. Pishachini says the door to hell is opening.

Drishti again gets a glimpse of Mahima attacking someone.

The written update of 6 July 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

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