Divya Drishti Written Update 8th December 2019: Divya to marry Vicky

Divya Drishti Written Update 8th December 2019: Divya to marry Vicky

Divya Drishti 8th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Divya Drishti 8 Dec episode starts with Vicky turning into a werewolf and Chachi finding him. He goes out in the open and turns fully into a werewolf.

Divya and Drishti hear the noises and run out to look who is making it. They search in the jungle but Vicky is right behind them as a werewolf.

They return home and continue to search for a shadow. They deduce that the same shadow they saw in the book while Mahima suggests Vicky gets married to Divya.

Later, Drishti sees in her vision that Divya was running in a wedding outfit from someone. They both decide to bring proof from the cave.

Shikhar wonders why he was living in hell. Later, Divya and Drishti go to the cave and hear weird noises there. They find handprints on a tree and see a light coming on touching it.

Divya and Drishti return home and find out that they are talking about Vicky and Divya’s marriage. Drishti opposes Shergill’s decision and doesn’t want to rush into things.

Rakshit wants Divya to move on and get married to Vicky. Later, Shikhar finds some hair outside his room while Drishti doesn’t like Rakshit’s decision.

Shikhar gets suspicious of Vicky while Drishti says Shikhar is also there in Divya’s life. Shikhar learns about the possible alliance between Divya and Vicky and gets upset.

Divya asks Shikhar if he will get happy to see her get married to another guy.

The written update of 8 December 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Divya says yes for marrying Vicky while Shikhar finds wolf footprints. 

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