Divya Drishti Written Update 9th June 2019: Anjaan unmasks his face

Divya Drishti Written Update 9th June 2019: Anjaan unmasks his face

Divya Drishti 9th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Divya Drishti 9 Jun episode starts with Drishti and Divya keeping the Kaal Vijay gem in front of Lord Shiva’s shivling. They promise to protect the gem always.

The Kaal Vijay gem gets inside the Shivling but the twin sisters get their powers back.

Pishachini and Anjaan get into an argument when Anjaan refuses to help her in getting back the Kaal Vijay gem. Pishachini asks Anjaan to unmask his face.

Anjaan challenges Pishachini to first prove her worth and only then he will show his face to her.

While sleeping, Drishti sees a blurred glimpse through her third eye. She wakes up on hearing some noise.

Drishti bumps into Rakshit. She questions him about Simran’s accident.

In the morning, Drishti and Divya come to Simran to question her about the attacker. Simran throttles Drishti and Divya. She gets a panic attack when she sees Pishachini in her room.

Simran faints. Rakshit decides to take her to the hospital in an ambulance. Drishti insists to Rakshit to take Simran in a car.

Pishachini threatens Drishti by saying that her family members are in grave danger and she will kill them if she will not get the Kaal Vijay gem. Meanwhile, the ambulance starts running at a fast speed.

Rakshit and other family members faint because of the release of poisonous gas. The ambulance loses track and begins to fall down the cliff.

Drishti comes there and asks Divya to use her powers to stop the ambulance from falling down.

Anjaan comes there. He asks Drishti to give the hook chain to him. Divya asks Drishti not to trust Anjaan. Drishti, however, gives him the chain. Anjaan pulls up the ambulance.

Mistakenly, Drishti falls over Anjaan and reads his mind. Divya and Shikhar try to unmask Anjaan but Drishti stops them.

Drishti requests Anjaan to bring her family members back to conscious. Anjaan does the same.

Anjaan comes to the Shiv temple and performs tandav. He unveils his face. Rakshit is Anjaan.

The written update of 9 June 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

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