Faltu 10th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 10th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 10th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 10th February 2023 episode starts with Janardhan scolding Ayaan for offering Faltu a job at home while Ayaan apologises to him saying he said it out of anger. 

Meanwhile, Dadi tells Ayaan to take back the offer and not bring her back to their life. 

Tanisha sides with Ayaan saying that Faltu wants to pay back the money and Dadi and Ayesha will need a caretaker. 

In the meantime, Suhana comes inside with a jar of red glitter, unaware of the tension in the house. 

On being scolded by Janardhan, she gets scared and drops the glitter on the floor spreading it everywhere. 

Meanwhile, Janaradhan asks Tanisha why she is so benevolent towards Faltu and what she wants to achieve out of it.

Tanisha tells him to trust her and asks him to give Faltu a chance. 

However, Ayaan agrees with Janardhan and tells Tanisha that he does not want to see her face. 

Seeing the matter go southward, Siddharth intervenes and tells Ayaan not to make a mockery of them by playing yes or no games. 

He also asks Janardhan what has Faltu really done so that everyone is so against her. 

Siddharth also asks about the money they have loaned Faltu. 

However, Janardhan tells them to forget the money and assume that it has been given to charity. 

Meanwhile, Faltu returns home and walks on the red glitter spread on the floor, in a kind of Grah Pravesh. 

Faltu tells Janardhan that she cannot accept his charity as her honour will demand that she pay them back. 

She also tells him that she remembers her promise and has come back here for her self-respect. 

Ayaan angrily tells her to go back as this house does not need her. 

However, Faltu refuses to leave and sells her qualities, saying she is the best maid they can ever have. 

Sumitra also favours Faltu but Dadi stops her, however, Tanisha and Siddharth advise her to give Faltu a chance. 

Faltu also tells them that she will not go from there until she pays them back and she never goes back on her word. 

Later, Faltu assures Tanisha that she will win back everyone’s heart soon and asks her to show her quarters where she will be staying. 

Tanisha brings her to a dirty storeroom-like room and tells her to clean it. 

Later, Faltu feels disheartened to face the hatred of the people who use to shower their love upon her. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan is fuming in anger at seeing Faltu in his home and tells Faltu that she will not get the satisfaction of torturing him.

Ayaan expresses his frustration at Tanisha for letting Faltu inside the house as he will always be reminded how she fooled him.

After some time, Faltu’s room is ready and she thanks God for giving her work and prays for strength to work with efficiency. 

Meanwhile, Savita is talking about Faltu with Kumkum when Faltu comes there offering to do the work. 

However, Savita rudely tells her to stay away from her kitchen and calls Manohar to take the breakfast to Janardhan’s room. 

Later, Tanisha also tries to convince Savita to let Faltu work in the kitchen and that they should rest. 

However, Savita chides her saying that she did not discuss it before bringing her to the house and she can send her back for all they care. 

Later, Tanisha apologizes to Faltu for Savita’s behaviour while Faltu tells her to not worry as she expected this from everyone after what she did. 

However, Tanisha is pleased that Faltu is losing her hold on the family members. 

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