Faltu 10th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 10th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 10th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 10th March 2023 episode starts with Kinshuk telling Faltu that he will put Holi colours on her.

Faltu tries to escape as she runs away, giving a warning about not putting colours on her.

However, Kinshuk too runs after her as Ayaan laughs watching them.

Suddenly Tanisha hugs Ayaan from behind and asks to dance with her while Sid looks angrily up at them as he is jealous of Ayaan getting to dance with Tanisha.

Sumitra comes and understands that Sid is in a drunken condition.

Sid says that he wants Tanisha at any cost & Sumitra makes him understand that no one can know what his wish is or else it will be a disaster.

She asks him to sit while she brings lemon water for him.

On the other hand, Faltu thinks of going out of the house before her disguise is revealed.

She sees Kanika rubbing colours from her phone & when Kanika leaves her phone idle on the table, Faltu approaches it.

She checks her surroundings and suddenly the phone rings.

She picks up the call but to her shock, Kanika is standing behind her.

Taking the hone from Rocky's hand, Kanika questions Faltu and Faltu makes up an excuse and leaves swiftly.

While walking, Faltu thinks that Vishal is connected to the plan of destroying her and it must be Kanika who asked her cricket academy mates to destroy her reputation through the video.

Faltu also suspects Sid as he discussed her whereabouts as he could also be connected with Kanika.

Suddenly, her friends come and scold her for roaming around the streets alone on Holi.

They take her for the cricket match where she will change first as the coach is waiting for Faltu and not Rocky.

Upstairs, Kanika is angry with Vishal for calling her on Holi while Vishal tells her that he will get out of the hospital for the evening at a safe place because he is getting sick in the hospital.

After the call, Tanisha enters the room and Kanika explains everything, anxious that their reputation getting destroyed along with her business and position in the academy.

Suddenly, Ayaan enters the room and asks what Kanika is anxious about and Kanika changes the topic to Vishal who cannot be found out and so their reputation is getting destroyed.

Ayaan says that he is going to a children's cricket academy to distribute sweets and asks Tanisha to rest at home.

Meanwhile, Kanika and Tanisha think that it might be the blackmailer who was following Kanika that day.

At the academy, Ayaan comes to distribute sweets and colours for the children to play with.

Suddenly, Faltu meets with her friends and Ayaan notices her from behind but she goes away with her friends for the match whereas Ayaan follows her.

While walking, some women ask Faltu to play Holi and she joins them.

Ayaan is finally relieved to see Faltu from afar as she dances.

Ayaan approaches slowly, but Faltu's friends take her away before Ayaan reaches her.

Ayaan loses track of Faltu and when he asks the women to tell him the name of the girl they played Holi with, they say they don't know.

In a flashback, Faltu told them not to reveal her name if Ayaan comes searching.

Back to the present, Tanisha calls Ayaan for returning home because they are all waiting.

When Ayaan returns to the Mittal House, Tanisha gives him some lemon water to rest while all he can think about is Faltu.

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