Faltu 11th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu 11th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu 11th August 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 11th August 2023 episode starts with Faltu reminding Neil that today “Naya Safar” shoes are going to reach JMart today so they should check the shoes once.

Neil tells Faltu that he will look through the shoe collection but for now, Faltu should look at the card.

Faltu snatches the card from Neil’s hand, asking him about what it is and Neil replies excitedly that it is their wedding card.

Hearing this, Faltu’s jaw drops in shock while Brijmohan inquiries Faltu if her family knows about the wedding but Faltu replies negatively.

Brijmohan suddenly looks at Neil in confusion, saying if he considers the wedding a game when Neil advises Brijmohan annoyingly to look through the shoe collection.

After Brijmohan walks away, Faltu tells Neil that they cannot keep lying to Birjmohan yet Neil makes Faltu understand that Brijmohan is an old-school type of person who is very firm about his morals.

On the other hand, in Mittal's mansion, Tanisha informs Savita and Ayaan that Faltu is getting married to Neil very soon.

Savita starts insulting Faltu for getting married so soon after the divorce while Ayaan comments that it is fine if Faltu can find her happiness.

He has a somber look on his face as he says that he has only caused grief to Faltu so now he just wants Faltu to be happy even if it is with someone else.

In godown, Neil thanks Faltu for helping him with the stock and Faltu advises Neil to start learning all this since he is going to be the owner soon.

This makes Neil stare at Faltu longingly, saying that Faltu is here with him to help him to learn all this.

At the same time, Ayaan enters the godown and informs Faltu and Neil that he came here before going to visit other Jmart malls to check on Faltu and Neil.

Neil looks at Ayaan with silent anger while Faltu feels her heart crushed to see Ayaan so unbothered whereas Ayaan thinks to himself that Faltu looks very happy.

Neil then urges Ayaan to attend his and Faltu's engagement ceremony which Ayaan accepts but before he can leave, Faltu thanks him for supporting her dreams.

After Ayaan walks away, Neil suggests Faltu come for ring shopping because in this way they will be able to make Ayaan even more jealous.

He reveals that he wanted to cancel the deal but he realizes that being in the same room with Ayaan, Faltu will get a chance to talk to Ayaan constantly.

Faltu does not look convinced after hearing this, assuming that she is causing pain to Ayaan when Neil orders him to finish the game they have started.

At the same time, Tanisha arrives in the godown to check on Ayaan when she overhears Neil and Faltu's plan so she promises to herself that she will make sure Ayaan does not attend the engagement ceremony.

She then goes to Ayaan's room and she lies that Siddharth is having problems with locals where he has gone so it will be amazing if Ayaan goes to meet Siddharth.

Ayaan denies it, saying that he wants to witness Faltu and Neil's engagement ceremony first because he wants to see how Faltu celebrates her happiness without him.

Tanisha still tries to make Ayaan agree by reminding him that Faltu does not care but Ayaan does not change his mind.

At the same time, Neil walks into the office with Faltu and he urges Ayaan to suggest some ring shops to which Ayaan replies that he is sure Faltu knows this city better than him now.

Later, in Bhardwaj's house, Faltu reveals to Brijmohan that she and Neil are acting of getting married.

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