Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 11th February 2023 episode starts with Janardhan and Savita arguing over Faltu’s presence in their home.

Janardhan feels Faltu is bad for Tanisha and Ayaan but Savita tells him that things are better between Ayaan and Tanisha.

Faltu walks in during this conversation accidentally and Janardhan yells at her for doing things she’s not supposed to.

Later, in her room, Faltu is hungry but feels weird asking for food when she hasn’t worked all day.

She finds some biscuits in her bag but Sid and Sumitra enter her room with dinner for her.

They tell her that they don’t understand why no one including Ayaan is caring for her and they fake promise to be by her side.

Sid says he has a new found respect and admiration for Faltu as she doesn’t take favours from others and wants to start over.

Faltu, however, refuses to be friends with him and adds servants and masters can’t be friends.

The next morning, before everyone wakes up, Faltu is practicing cricket with Raju, a boy from a nearby slum.

Ayaan sees Faltu play cricket from his balcony and smiles.

Faltu tells Raju a trick that Ayaan had taught her and remembers those days.

When Faltu does the batting, her ball accidentally hits Janardhan’s car and damages its window.

Janardhan is infuriated and begins to scold her while Ayaan and Tanisha join him.

Ayaan tells Janardhan to not bother scolding her as Faltu is a selfish girl who just uses people.

After everyone leaves, Tanisha further insults her and questions her reason for doing such things.

Faltu tries to justify that she needs to practice for an upcoming trial and that the garden was the only place she had but Tanisha is uninterested in her reasons.

Tanisha is determined to ruin both her career and get Ayaan out of her life and is just looking for opportunities.

At the breakfast table, Savita complains about Faltu in front of her only.

Faltu asks about the work that needs to be done during the day but Tanisha insists Faltu has breakfast with them.

Ayaan stops Tanisha and tells her that Faltu can’t join them as only family members join the breakfast table.

He tells her to join the rest of the servants and Savita asks Manohar to show Faltu her place.

Sumitra is worried by the way Ayaan is pushing Faltu away as it will ruin their plan.

Sumitra asks Ayaan why his behavior towards Faltu has changed, but Savita defends him that Faltu is no longer their guest and should know her place.

Sid pays Faltu a visit in her room and tells her he sympathizes with her for the way Ayaan treated her at the dining table.

He adds he will talk to Ayan about it but Faltu says she doesn’t need anything from Ayaan and there’s no point in talking to him.

She feels that the more the distance between Ayaan and her, the better it is.

Later, when Faltu is working,  Mayawati feels a stinging pain in her chest and Faltu shouts for everyone to come immediately.

Savita tells Faltu to go away and she rushes to the kitchen to make a homemade tonic

When Faltu tries giving the drink to Mayawati, Ayaan snatches it away but she convinces him to give it to her till the time doctor arrives.

After drinking the tonic, Mayawati feels a little better and everyone waits for the doctor to come and further treat her.

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