Faltu 11th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 11th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 11th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 11th June 2023 episode starts with Ruhaan dropping Faltu and Shanaya at the academy and while they look around with anticipation, Shanaya's wrist begins to ache.

Ruhaan notices this and advises Shanaya to be cautious and not let others know about her mishap to which Shanaya agrees.

She hugs Ruhaan and walks into the academy with Faltu, who recalls her family's dreams of her becoming India's top cricketer.

However, the coach arrives and gets angry upon finding Faltu and Shanaya arriving late on the first day.

Faltu apologizes to the coach who warns her that while players may get up to this point through references and contacts, they will only make it to the team if they qualify to demonstrate their exceptional skills.

The coach departs and Shanaya becomes concerned questioning how they will be able to swap places if the coach evaluates each player's performance.

Faltu devises an idea in which Shanaya will first perform on the field but then return to the dressing room with the excuse that she needs to change, at which point Faltu will switch places with her.

However, Faltu receives a call from Ayaan who begins mocking Faltu that she will forget her Madsahab now.

Faltu promises him that he will always be his priority while the coach yells from the field for Faltu to speed up.

Meanwhile, Janrdhan is angry to see Tanisha, Sumitra, and Sid back in the house and Savita comments that explaining anything is pointless.

Sumitra begs Janardhan to listen to Tanisha once and Tanisha alleges that Ruhaan is only allowing the Mittals to stay in the house because of Shanaya, adding that everyone knows how moody Shanaya is.

Tanisha says them that the day Shanaya becomes tired of Faltu, she will leave the house and Ruhaan will make them homeless.

Kumkum explains that they are staying in the house for a while till they find another house to which Tanisha invites Kanika.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan orders the peon to bring him cutting tea and when the peon delivers him the glass, he begins sipping it while reliving events with Faltu.

Kanika, on the other hand, claims to purchase a bungalow near this house as an apology to the Mittals and to express her acceptance of guilt.

She goes on to say that Tanisha wants to finally support her and do something good for the Mittals, but Janardhan rejects her and tells her to quit her drama because she was the one who sent Ayaan to jail.

He orders Kanika to go right away, and Kanika walks away with Tanisha.

Meanwhile, balling practice begins and everyone catches the ball smoothly except Shanaya which raises the coach's suspicions.

He approaches Shanaya and asks whether she has any problems with her right wrist, and is about to examine it when Faltu pushes her and claims she lost her balance while doing her warm-ups.

Faltu asks the coach when the batting will begin and he responds that it will begin soon which delights Faltu and she urges him to use the restroom immediately.

The coach stops Faltu and demands she hurries since she needs to bat with Shanaya.

Meanwhile, Govardhan advises Janardhan to consider Kanika's offer because Ruhaan is untrustworthy which disturbs Janardhan.

Dadi interrupts their quarrel and urges that things remain as they are because it may impact Faltu's focus at the academy.

Faltu, however, requests that she bat after 3-4 players because she is not feeling well and urges that she needs to immediately use the washroom.

However, when the coach invites Shanaya to bat she takes the mask which perplexes him.

Shanaya notes that the dust and the mental mix affect her skin and she too feels drowsy and needs to use the restroom.

As Shanaya approaches Faltu in the washroom, she advises her to remove all mangal sutra and sindoor as the coach may suspect them.

Faltu complies grudgingly and sobs as she removes her Madsahab's initials.

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