Faltu 12th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 12th April 2023 episode starts with Janardhan feeling uneasy at Kanika's plan to insult Faltu's family publically.

Kanika tries to persuade him by giving him definite reasons for doing the deed that will make Faltu's chapter end forever.

Janardhan isn't convinced, but Tanisha arrives at the place, telling him that she is pretending to divorce Faltu and will never submit them in court.

She tells Janardhan that she plans to defame Faltu's family publically, so much so that Faltu leaves Ayaan for her family, which will make Ayaan understand his family's worth.

Janardhan finally agrees with Tanisha, deciding to support them with their plan.

Meanwhile, Anghoori excitedly looks at the tall buildings of Mumbai, praising Faltu's richness while her husband and son dryly tell her to control herself.

Faltu is tense inside the car, praying to Matarani that nothing inauspicious happens, when Ayaan gets a call from Mayavati Dadi.

She encourages him to pick up the call, and Ayaan gently greets Dadi, who briefly talks to him and hands the phone to Savita.

Savita gravely tells Ayaan that Janardhan has arranged the accommodation of Faltu's family in a hotel, telling him the address.

Ayaan is alarmed and asks her if everything is alright.

Savita slowly explains to him that Janardhan has finally accepted their marriage and wants to announce it in front of the official meeting the next day.

Ayaan is overjoyed and ends the call before thanking her immensely and telling Faltu and her family about the good news.

Faltu gets doubtful at hearing this sudden change of decision by Janardhan, sensing something to be wrong.

In actuality, Kanika's plan involves Janardhan influencing Savita to lure Faltu's family and Ayaan into staying at a hotel.

Faltu and her family will foolishly get excited to attend the official event, but all their excitement will shatter as Janardhan insults them thoroughly. 

Meanwhile, Sid approaches his mother to tell her about his smartness in getting Tanisha's divorce papers.

He wickedly plans to submit the papers in court, thereby separating Tanisha and Ayaan.

Sumitra also discloses her information, telling how Savita was pregnant by her boyfriend, who stranded her in the name of marriage.

She explains to him that Janardhan supported Savita and married her at that time, clearing the 'dosh' in Ayaan's horoscope.

They both have their baits and plan to use them when the time comes.

Faltu's family stare at the luxurious hotel in awe while trying to stop Anghoori from getting too excited.

They busily open the gifts containing the clothes, especially kept for them to wear the next day, feeling happy.

Tanisha comes to their room and modestly tells them that she has prepared their accommodation in the hotel.

Anghoori sweetly praises Tanisha to get on her good side, telling her that she is sacrificing her happiness for Faltu.

The other members of the Mittal family are unaware of Kanika's plan, deciding to welcome Faltu warmly at the event the next day.

Faltu does not believe Tanisha acting too kind, thinking she is still planning something.

However, Ayaan gently tells her to believe Janardhan's words, saying that his father will never let anything wrong happen to him.

Tanisha brightly tells Ayaan and Faltu to be prepared for the next day, purposefully bumping into Faltu as she leaves the hotel room.

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