Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 12th February 2023 episode starts with Janardhan interrogating the doctor about Mayawati's health.

The doctor informs him there’s no reason to worry as it was just acidity and advises her to eat healthier foods.

The doctor then asks how did she miraculously got better before his arrival and Sumitra tells him it was all because of the drink Faltu made.

The doctor praises Faltu's wit and Mayawati blesses her for saving her life, though she adds that she’s still mad at her.

As Sumitra praises Faltu, Ayaan tells her to not experiment with her homemade tonics with any of his family members.

Faltu replies that she may not be educated but knows a lot from the ups and downs life has given her.

Later, Tanisha comes to scold Faltu that she’s here to make Ayaan hate her, not make the whole family worship the ground she walks on.

Faltu says she realizes that she has to make Ayaan hate her but she can’t keep letting down his family members who have loved her to the fullest.

Tanisha tells Faltu that Ayaan will accept Faltu if his family does as he cares deeply for his family.

Faltu tells her that she has a new plan to make Ayaan hate her.

Meanwhile, Sid wonders why Ayaan’s behavior towards Faltu has changed all of a sudden.

Sumitra reveals that the latest plan she has is to focus on getting Faltu in the family’s good books so that Ayaan is left with no choice but to accept her.

Janardhan says he has to invite some investors for lunch tomorrow as he ended up being late to a meeting and has to compensate.

He tells Ayaan to accompany him to his office tomorrow and asks Faltu to stay in her room during the formal lunch so that there’s no further mess created.

Later, at night, as Tanisha and Ayaan sit outside, they see Faltu trip and drop a bunch of make-up items.

Ayaan comments that maybe she is joining the fashion industry instead of playing cricket now.

Faltu tells him to mind his own business and goes away.

When Tanisha says Faltu has changed, Ayaan tells her to accept that this is her reality and that what they saw earlier was merely an act.

Back in her room, Faltu cries that she doesn’t care about any of the expensive makeup but she needs Ayaan to hate her.

Savita and Kumkum begin preparations for lunch but find out that there’s a gas leakage that can’t be fixed before evening.

Savita decides to consult Mayawati on this matter,  but she can come up with no solution.

Tanisha tells them she knows an authentic Marwari restaurant that will make homelike food and everyone agrees that is the only option.

Faltu suggests that they can cook on a makeshift hearth that she will make for them but Tanisha dismisses her idea.

On the other hand, Sumitra sneaks Faltu into a room and she and Sid ask her to cook food on a makeshift hearth as they need homelike food.

Sid and Sumitra convince her that Janardhan will be enraged if he finds out that the food is ordered and so will the guests.

They beg her to save their reputation by cooking for them and Faltu finally gives in to their pleas.

After a while, Sid and Sumitra reluctantly help Faltu set up the hearth but Tanisha walks in and yells at them that this conversation was already over and a decision had been made to order the food.

She pours a bucket full of water over their hearth and storms out.

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