Faltu 12th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 12th June 2023 episode starts with Faltu removing the vermillion from her hairline feeling remorseful. 

Just then, Shanaya comes there and Faltu tells her to stay inside the room until her return. 

Later, Faltu thinks about her deal with Ruhan and about Ayaan who would never forgive her for playing in place of Shanaya and hopes that he will one day understand her reasons. 

In the meantime, Shanaya watches Faltu practising and is impressed with her. 

Sumitra overhears Faltu and Shanaya

Later, Shanaya excitedly talks about no one finding out about their exchange while Faltu quietens her saying that no one should find out about this or their career will be finished.

Meanwhile, Sumitra sees them together and wonders what they are talking about.

At the same time, Faltu tells Shanaya that she should live in her home for now as things can turn problematic if she tells anyone about their arrangement. 

Shanaya refuses to leave telling her that she wants to live with her and promises to not tell anything about their practice.

Sumitra only catches the last few phrases of their conversation and realises that Faltu is deceiving them somehow. 

In the meantime, Tanisha tells Sid that she should do something to get Janardhan and whole family’s forgiveness. 

However, Sid tells her to give everyone some time to realise that they have really changed and after that, they will forgive them. 

Tanisha tells him that she is not that patient and that they will have to have a permanent home before Ruhaan plays his trick and leaves them vulnerable. 

Sumitra Expose Faltu

Just then, Sumitra comes there telling them that there is a big problem. 

Meanwhile, Faltu arrives at Ruhan’s house to find it decorated with flowers and with Champagne cooling at one side. 

Ruhaan comes there and tells her to open the gift box lying there. 

Seeing an expensive jewellery in the box, Faltu shuts it with anger. 

Meanwhile, Sumitra tells Sid and Tanisha that Faltu is planning something big against them and Shanaya living there with them is due to some planning. 

Elsewhere, Ruhaan tells Faltu that this jewellery is a present for her from him for what she is doing for Shanaya. 

Faltu refuses the gift and tells him that she needs to discuss something with him with respect to this game. 

She tells him to let go of the deal as she cannot lie about their game every day and today she has only managed by hairsbreadth to avoid playing against Shanaya.   

On the other hand, Tanisha smiles with evilness knowing about Faltu and Shanaya but pretends to not believe Sumitra telling her that they have already caused so much stress to Faltu.

Now they should let her live in peace as she is not the one to conspire with their enemies. 

Ruhaan threatens Faltu

Later, Ayaan calls Faltu thinking that she has forgotten him totally and wonders why she is not picking up her phone. 

He, then calls Savita asking her why Faltu is not picking up her phone and if she is alright. 

Savita assures him that she is in her room and must be tired due to practice. 

She tells her that she will call him back after checking up on her. 

Just then, Kinshuk comes to Savita asking about Faltu who is nowhere to be found. 

Savita gets worried as Faltu never go anywhere without telling them. 

Elsewhere, Ruhaan tells Faltu that he will not end the deal and she should have thought about it before signing the deal. 

Meanwhile, Faltu tells him that she knew it will not be easy but she did not know that lying will be so difficult for her. 

She assures him that she and Ayaan will return all his money and asks him to end the deal. 

However, Ruhaan paints a horrible scenario for Faltu and tells her that if something happens to Ayaan when he could not return the money back to his lenders. 

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