Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 12th March 2023 episode starts with Tanisha embracing Ayaan and thanking him for agreeing to make barbeques for them.

She leaves the spot, wishing him the best.

This leaves Ayaan alone with his thoughts of Faltu again.

He regrets not being able to talk to her when he has just seen her today.

He calls his spy and tells him to continue informing him about Faltu and find out about her accommodation.

He then remembers how he feels better since Rocky has come to their house.

However, he finds it strange to think of Faltu whenever he sees Rocky.

On the other hand, Faltu’s team wins the match and gets the award prize of 25,000. 

Faltu is extremely happy about her victory but now, she has to rush to the Mittal house and become Rocky again.

In the Mittal house, Ayaani is preparing the barbeques on a grill, when he gets a call from his spy.

The spy tells him that he is unsuccessful in finding Faltu’s accommodation place for she has disappeared from their reach.

Ayaan is frustrated hearing this but does not show his emotion and continues to serve the grilled kebabs to everyone.

Sid tells everyone that he has planned a game for all of them, hearing that everyone gets excited and goes inside after devouring the delicious barbeques of Ayaan.

The game turns out to be Jenga, where Sid has planned some tasks for the couples who pick up the block.

Actually, Sid intends to mock Ayaan who will surely get awkward in doing the romantic tasks written in the chits, thereby giving Tanisha another hint that Ayaan is still far away from loving her.

True to his prediction, Ayaan gets uncomfortable upon getting the task to kiss Tanisha and just leaves the place.

Sid takes this opportunity and sighs, loudly telling Tanisha that Ayaan’s therapy didn’t seem to show any effects.

Tanisha awkwardly reasons to everyone that Ayaan is just shy in doing these kinds of things, and goes behind him.

Kanika, though notices the sadness in Tanisha’s voice.

Faltu, who has reached the house by then, witnesses all this, and thinks about why Ayaan is so awkward about it when he has married Tanisha of his own will.

Later, at night Faltu again gives a last try to get her hands on Kanika’s phone by planning to go into her room.

However, he runs into Sumitra sleepwalking in the corridor.

She somehow manages to enter Kanika’s room, who is fast asleep on her bed.

Faltu busies herself with finding Kanika’s phone all around the room, only to find it on her bed next to her.

She slowly tries to take hold of her phone, trying to not wake her up but the phone suddenly rings which makes Faltu run on her toes and hide behind the sofa.

She hears Kanika sighing at seeing the caller’s name and talking to the caller, addressing Vishal, which makes Faltu hear the conversation carefully.

After hearing the conversation, Faltu is clear with two things.

One is that Vishal is in hiding, that too in a hospital and it is Kanika who is keeping Vishal hidden.

Two is that Vishal is getting rebellious and trying to get out of the hospital.

However, the thing which confuses her is the purpose behind keeping Vishal hidden in a hospital.

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