Faltu 13th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 13th April 2023 episode starts with Sid urgently telling his lawyer to submit Tanisha's divorce papers as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Tanisha comes to know about Sid visiting her lawyer to check the divorce papers for 'address corrections' and this makes her doubtful.

In the hotel room, one of the staff comes to Faltu's room to serve food.

Faltu expresses her amazement at the quantity of food he has brought while telling him to serve the food to everyone.

However, she notices the staff staring at Lajwanti for a little too long while Lajwanti also stares back at him.

Lajwanti brushes her question when Faltu asks if she knows the man and hurriedly joins everyone for dinner.

Govardhan, Kumkum, and Kinshuk busily attend the calls of people for the next day.

All the family members are together when Ayaan enters the place.

Ayaan hugs Janardan excitedly while telling him that he has given him the best gift in life.

Sid comments on how the announcement would show their flexibility to the people.

Just then Tanisha arrives at the place and indirectly taunts him to be an expert at strategies while asking him to come with her.

Sid gets mildly alarmed as he hears Tanisha interrogating him about the divorce papers.

However, he manages to convince her and tries to ask her the reason for the event.

Tanisha only requests him to let her handle the divorce matters, mysteriously telling him to be ready for the next day.

In the hotel, Anghoori continues to overeat the food while Pratap tries to stop her in vain.

Faltu gently tells everyone to be cautious at the event the next day for the Mittal family has a renowned image.

Charan Singh understands her concern and tenderly tells her that they will remember this.

Faltu's parents advise her to be thankful and take care of Ayaan and his family.

The next day, Charan Singh looks at his daughter, looking beautiful in the expensive sari and jewelry.

He tries to hide his share but Faltu notices this and asks him to show what he is hiding.

Faltu gets emotional to see the chain Charan Singh has brought for her.

Her mother tells her that the chain was made for her and intended to give it to her at the time of her marriage.

Faltu tells him that the chain is special for her and wears it while asking about her look.

Charan Singh smiles and praises Faltu.

The atmosphere turns light but Faltu feels uneasy, making a mental note to stay on guard.

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