Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 13th February 2023 episode starts with Tanisha questioning why Faltu is making the mud stove when she already refused.

Faltu gives Sid's name while he tries to explain that he thought to get the food made at home and not order it outside.

However, Tanisha angrily states that she has already ordered the food and throws water on the mud stove, stating that they have already talked about it.

Faltu gets shocked while Sid goes after Tanisha and tries to talk to her.

Tanisha states that she brought Faltu to make her a villain and not the heroin while Sid argues that he did it to make her look better in front of everyone.

However, Tanisha rebukes him and leaves, telling him that he is losing his class.

Later, Tanisha is arguing with the manager who informs her that the food won't be there until 1:30.

Savita gets worried as Janardan calls them and informs them that they will be reaching home in a few minutes.

Tanisha tells the family members that they should traditionally welcome the guests to buy time while Faltu stands in the kitchen and thinks that had her stove not been ruined, food would have already been on the plate.

Just then, Janardan and the guests arrive while Tanisha welcomes them traditionally.

The guests talk excitedly about eating homemade Marwadi food.

Janardan goes to the kitchen and questions the ladies while Savita starts crying and confesses the truth to him.

She cries that the food hasn't been delivered yet while Janardan angrily states that they should have informed him soon.

He goes outside and is about to inform the guests that the food is not available but is interrupted by Amar who brings drinks for the guests and informs them that the food is on its way to the table.

Dadi goes to the backyard and gets shocked to see Faltu cooking while asking her what is happening.

Faltu tells Dadi that she can scold her later but she has to cook now since the guests should not leave with an empty stomach.

Dadi thanks Faltu and goes back inside while telling the family members that the food is being served.

The guests compliment the food and leave after which Janardan thanks Tanisha/Tanu for handling the situation very smoothly.

Just then, the delivery boy comes there with the food shocking everyone.

Sumitra questions who made the delicious food then and Dadi comes forward while revealing that it was Faltu.

Dadi tells Faltu to come forward and tells Janardan that he can stand with his head held high because of her only.

Ayaan however acts angry and tells Dadi that she should give Faltu a token of gratitude since people like these only work for money.

Afterward, Tanisha is complaining to Kanika while telling her that they need to get Faltu's admission into the academy soon to start their next plan.

Kanika calms Tanu as she states that their next plan has already reached Mumbai.

Elsewhere, Faltu thanks the goddess for helping her today and thinks that she will go out to look for a job after practicing at the dawn.

Further, just as Faltu is about to put vermillion on her hairline, Tanisha comes there and confronts her.

Tanisha starts accusing her wrongly while Faltu tries to explain to her that she is misunderstanding.

Ayaan comes there and asks about the fallen Sindoor and Tanisha lies that it is hers.

He taunts her that he thought it was Faltu's since she loves wearing Sindoor in someone else's name.

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