Faltu 13th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 13th March 2023 episode starts with Ayaan approaching the pillar, expecting a thief, only to find Rocky cutting vegetables.

He asks Rocky curiously what he is doing in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Faltu is relieved that she managed to escape Kanika’s room while being thankful for being near the kitchen when Ayaan comes downstairs which gives her an excellent excuse to say.

She coolly tells him that she has not been able to sleep and so Rocky is utilizing that time in preparing breakfast.

Ayaan looks convinced by her explanation but his thoughts again overpower him, making him sad.

Faltu asks him why he looks so low, to which Ayaan replies that nowadays, even after having everything in his life he wants, he strangely feels hollow inside. 

Ayaan speaks as if the most aspect thing in his life is going far away from him and he can just do nothing about it.

Faltu feels sad for him but does not show it, saying that whatever he has said isn’t making any sense to her.

Ayaan sighs and tells Rocky that he wouldn’t understand it since he hasn't experienced that feeling. 

He leaves for his room, hoping to get some sleep, and advises Rocky to go to bed too.

Faltu feels sad for Ayaan and that she isn’t able to comfort him which hurts her even more.

However, she thinks that now isn’t the time to think of such matters.

She realizes that Kanika is the one involved in framing her in the controversy and has bribed Vishal to support her as well.

Faltu is simply confused about the whole situation.

On one hand, she has Tanisha who has helped her so much that she thinks of her as a godmother, and on the other hand, she has Kanika who suspended her from the academy.

She quickly calls her friend and tells him about the whole plan to find Vishal and force the truth out of him about everything, which would help her in proving her innocence.

Faltu is thankful to have such a supportive friend and leaves the Mittal house stealthily, off to the clubhouse in which Vishal is partying.

After some time, they both reach the place only to find themselves in a problem of how to enter the club when none of them has a penny.

However, she sees Vishal himself coming out of the club in his drunken state with his friend.

They follow him when he leaves the place to know the hospital which is acting as his ambush.

After knowing the hospital, Faltu requests his friend to keep a close eye on Vishal’s movements.

She then quickly hurries to reach the Mittal house, knowing that she is running late.

In the Mittal house, everyone is frustrated as their breakfast isn’t ready, and on top of this, there is no sign of Rocky in the house.

Rocky comes soon, reasoning everyone’s angry faces that he has come back with the groceries and will bring them their breakfasts in a jiffy.

While everybody waits for their breakfast, Kinshuk shows everyone the video of Faltu’s cricket tournament.

Everyone is shocked to know that Faltu is in Mumbai, but Janardhan dismisses the matter, saying that whatever she does means nothing to them.

The news alarms Kanika, who realizes that the auto which followed her when she tried to meet Vishal can be none other Faltu trying to follow her.

In the kitchen, Faltu is horrified to know that everyone knows about her living in Mumbai now.

However, Ayaan loudly states that Faltu is a stranger to them and they should not waste their time worrying about her.

Faltu, upon hearing this thinks to herself that this is the best, but something inside her feels sad about Ayaan’s words.

Meanwhile, Ayaan tells somebody on the call about Faltu's new coach Rajan's whereabouts, and asks the person he is on the call with to meet Rajan.

Ayaan says to bribe Rajan or even threaten him, just so he reveals where Faltu is.

However, Ayaan is left shocked when Janardhan comes into his scream and yells his name.

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