Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 13th May 2023 episode starts with Faltu serving dinner to Tanisha, Kanika and Siddharth.

She offers Tanisha the soup that she asked Faltu to make for her especially but Tanisha is hesitant as she remembers Faltu cooking the juice earlier in the day.

However, Tanisha appreciates Faltu’s culinary skills and taunts her for being the cook rather than the daughter-in-law of the Mittal family.

Faltu takes a dig at Tanisha telling her that as per the logic, even she should stay out after her divorce with Ayaan but on the contrary, she is having dinner with them in the Mittal house.

Further, Faltu tells them to continue eating while she returns to Kitchen to get Kheer(pudding) for them and adds a tonic to it.

Meanwhile, Tanisha asks Siddharth about the task she asked him to do, referring it to be an office file while Kanika applauds her for her interest in the office work.

Further, Faltu gets them the Kheer while Kanika asks Faltu about the other family members.

She tells Kanika that everything they have done with them does not allow them to have their dinner with them.

After a while, Faltu celebrates her little victory with Suhana and Kinshuk and asks him to get his work done at the earliest.

On the other hand, Kanika, Tanisha and Siddharth feel sleepy and go to their bed after an eventful day.

As soon as Kanika leaves there, Tanisha cross-checks with Siddharth about the jail task she asked him to do.

Irked by her behaviour, Siddharth tells her that his goons have already reached the jail.

In the meantime, the police lock the goon in the same lockup as the Ayaan.

Meanwhile, Kinshuk disguises himself as the biryani seller and diverts security guards' attention to help Faltu enter Kanika’s house.

Kinshuk encourages the guard to have liquor along with Biryani to ensure that their work is done smoothly.

In the meantime, Suhana enters Kanika’s house along with Faltu and cautiously makes their way to the different rooms to search for the documents.

Faltu is stressed as she is still not able to find the documents.

Meanwhile, one of the guards tells Kinshuk about checking the premises while Faltu asks Kinshuk to stop him outside.

Kinshuk, in time, stops the guard and they doze off as they are overloaded with liquor and biryani.

In the jail, goons misbehave with Ayaan and irritate him to instigate him.

Ayaan asks the goons to stay away from him and let him do his work while they constantly make snarky comments about him.

The goon raises his hand to slap Ayaan but he thrashes them pushing them onto the wall.

Ayaan gathering all his strength fights like a lone wolf and beats the life out of the goons.

The goon screams for help from the officer and complains about Ayaan beating them unnecessarily.

The officer warns Ayaan to not do something that gets him into more trouble and takes the goon to the other lock-up.

Meanwhile, Suhana and Faltu religiously look for the paper while Faltu gets her hand on the locker.

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