Faltu 14th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 14th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 14th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 14th February 2023 episode starts with Ayaan telling Tanisha that Sindoor is a toy for her and has a habit of playing with other people's life. 

Tanisha tells him to let go of the past while she later questions Faltu for daring to put Sindoor on her forehead. 

Faltu assures her that it is only for Ayaan’s safety as she has become superstitious after Ayaan’s accident. 

However, Tanisha warns her saying Ayaan is her husband only and if she sees Faltu playing these cheap tricks again then she will remove her from this house. 

Meanwhile, Sid overhears Tanisha and Faltu’s conversation and wonders why Tanisha has not told her about telling Faltu about her sindoor confession. 

At the same time, Faltu contemplates Tanisha’s words and tells her that although she understands her anger and fears yet she cannot obey her. 

Meanwhile, Sid asks Tanisha about not telling him that she has shown Faltu her confession video. 

Tanisha tells him that it is because he is siding too much with Faltu these days and asks him if he is falling for her too. 

Sid tells her that he cares for her too much and does not want to jeopardise his friendship with her.

Tanisha apologises to Sid and tells him that Kanika has told her to not tell anyone anything. 

However, she promises to keep him in a loop going forward. 

Meanwhile, Siddharth does not believe Tanisha and thinks of playing his next move before the game goes out of his hand. 

Later, Ayaan gets an anonymous call telling him that he knows the truth about Faltu’s Sindoor. 

After a while, Sumitra praises Sid for his voice-changing trick while he tells her that now, Ayaan will be miserable thinking about it. 

After a while, Ayaan tells Tanisha about the anonymous call which makes Tanisha panic. 

Tanisha comes to Sid to ask him if he is behind the call while Sid pretends to be hurt. 

She tells him that Ayaan doubts it is Pappi but Sid refuses the theory. 

Tanisha has doubts about Faltu double-crossing her and using someone else to make the call. 

Sid tells her that they will find out about the caller soon enough. 

Meanwhile, Kinshuk is whining as his wife is not with him on Valentine's day and tells everyone to help him with the idea. 

Ayaan tells them that this Valentine’s day is special for him and he will make it special for Tanisha. 

The next day, Tanisha tells Kanika about the anonymous call and Ayaan planning a special party for her. 

Kanika is overjoyed and tells her that Ayaan is coming close to her while his hatred grows for Faltu. 

She also tells Tanu that they will have to initiate their plan B and make Faltu join the academy. 

Tanisha tells Kanika that tonight she will show Faltu her place by confessing her love to Ayaan in front of her.  

In the meantime, Faltu is helping to prepare for Ayaan’s party when Suhana comes to her, asking about her views on love and Valentine.

Faltu recalls moments with Ayaan but refuses to acknowledge them and tells Suhana that her one and only love is Cricket. 

Faltu also tells her that in her village there is no concept of valentine and girls only marry at their parent's behest.

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