Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 14th July 2023 episode starts with Ayaan walking confidently towards the stage, carrying his Trishul while the lady asks Faltu to stand by Shiv and start delivering her dialogues.

Faltu climbs the platform, and they both face Lord Shiva's statue as Faltu encourages him to make this skit a success.

However, Ayaan and Faltu come face to face which surprises them both and causes their eyes to widen.

Ruhaan, on the other hand, is the first person in the audience to confront Faltu with Ayaan.

Meanwhile, Tanisha gets restless in the car and begs Sid to speed up while Sid swears he suspects something is wrong.

Sid tells Tanisha to relax and enjoy the long drive while Tanisha suggests they first visit Ayaan to see whether he is okay.

Sid queries whether Tanisha is still in love with Ayaan to which Tanisha responds aggressively, admitting that she just cares about him and Ayaan as family.

Meanwhile, Faltu stares at Ayaan with concern muttering that she believes he still blames her for escaping with Ruhaan and cheating on him.

Ayaan mutters how Janardhan was correct and Faltu is not with Ruhaan, which is why she is in this Ashram.

Faltu and Ayaan exchange awkward eyes and begin their lines while feeling the same emotions that the dialogue expresses.

At Mittal House, Suhana nags Kumkum at home for bringing her this terrible meal and expresses how much she misses Faltu and her superb dishes.

Harsh arrives and assures Suhana that everything will go well shortly.

Just then, Kumkum corners Harsh and begs him to consider Savita immediately, pointing out her concern for Ayaan.

Harsh agrees to this while Dadi intervenes and inquires about Tanisha and Sid's continued absence from home when Savita arrives.

She informs her that the driver has informed her about Tanisha and Sid's leaving for Nasik.

Meanwhile, Guruji admires Faltu and Ayaan's on-stage relationship and remarks that they both appear ideal and realistic.

Ruhaan becomes concerned when he sees Ayaan and Faltu together when Ayaan hugs Faltu as the skit concludes.

To celebrate the start of the major Puja, everyone chants 'Har Har Mahadev' while throwing flowers at them.

However, Faltu moves away from Ayaan and off the stage leaving Ayaan stunned and looking at Faltu in tension as he realizes his mistake.

Meanwhile, Harsh contacts Tanisha and asks her if the news about her and Sid traveling to Nasik is real which alerts Govardhan.

Tanisha asks Harsh to handle the issue and hangs up the phone while Govardhan, Harsh, and everyone are irritated with her for failing to inform them of anything.

Meanwhile, Faltu returns to her room becoming concerned as she considers what she will do next when someone knocks on her door.

As Faltu opens the door, she confronts Ruhaan while Ayaan contacts the man who hired him to play Shiv and asks him for Faaltu's address.

The man becomes suspicious and questions Ayaan about how he knows about her to which Ayaan confirms that she is his wife which surprises him.

Tanisha, on the other hand, searches nearby for Ayaan with Sid and wonders if Ayaan and Faltu are together.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan enters the room and informs Faltu that Janardhan and Charan have filed a complaint against him and are searching for her.

He holds Faltu and swears that he truly cares for her and urges her to trust him but Faltu blames him for all of her problems.

Ruhaan then declares his love for Faltu and invites her to accompany him while Faltu chastises him for his juvenile behavior.

Ruhaan holds Faltu when Ayaan, Tanisha, and Sid confront them.

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