Faltu 15th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 15th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 15th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 15th March 2023 episode starts with Faltu and her friend, in their disguise entering the room and brightly greeting Vishal.

Faltu tells Vishal that they will look after him as the usual nurse and ward boy have some urgent obligations to fulfil.

Vishal orders them to bring him food and alcohol, which they obey and rush outside.

Faltu requests her friend to manage Vishal while she goes to Mittal’s house and cooks dinner before it gets too late.

She tells him to forward her the numbers of the nurse and ward boy who would come by the next shift so that she could convince them to take leave for the night.

However, just as Faltu comes out of the hospital in search of an auto, she is seen by Ayaan who stops his car and comes towards her, similarly surprised.

Faltu reasons that she got the hospital name wrong and thus took an auto and reach this hospital.

She then requests him to take her along as he is going home too, to which Ayaan agrees.

In the Mittal house, everyone is eating Rocky AKA Faltu’s evening snacks, relishing the taste of the goodies.

Tanisha excitedly suggests Janardhan that they all go to their farmhouse the following weekend to further encourage Ayaan’s therapy.

Janardhan approves the suggestion and tells Kanika to accompany them too.

Just then, Ayaan and Faltu arrive at the place, and Ayaan curiously asks Tanisha what plan they are talking about.

Tanisha brightly tells Ayaan about their plan of staying in the farmhouse, to which Ayan gets alarmed, and fears losing Faltu’s trace again.

He reasons that they cannot plan the stay as Dadi’s health might get affected after celebrating so many festivals and now the unhygienic food from outside while staying at the farmhouse.

Dadi announces that Rocky would also be accompanying them to take care of that matter.

Faltu is tense as to how she will manage to bring the truth out from Vishal when she will be going to the farmhouse with the Mittals.

Later, she calls her friend and asks him about Vishal, who tells her that he has mixed sedatives in the alcohol which Vishal has ordered.

Faltu is happy to get this news and tells him that she will be coming soon.

She calls the nurse and ward boy appointed for the night shift and misdirects them into taking leave for the night.

Bolting her room door so that anyone who knocks while her away thinks that she is sleeping soundly, she leaves from the balcony.

In the hospital, Faltu and her friend greet the intoxicated Vishal and try manipulating him into telling the truth about Faltu.

Faltu’s friend stealthily puts the phone on recording and Faltu starts asking casual questions to Vishal.

Vishal, who is impressed by their service towards him tells them that they are his friends now.

He slowly begins to answer Faltu’s questions, revealing the truth of Faltu’s controversy.

However, when Faltu asks him who is the one behind all of it, Vishal dozes off on the bed, going into a deep sleep.

Faltu’s friend tells her that the video they have recorded will be enough to prove her innocence but Faltu says that they cannot stop till they get to know who is behind the whole matter.

Meanwhile, in the Mittal house, Tanisha mildly scolds Ayaan for keeping the clothes in his wardrobe which do not even fit him anymore, telling him that she will throw them all.

Ayaan requests her to not throw the clothes and instead give them to Rocky who can make use of them.

He takes the clothes from her hand and proceeds to Rocky’s room, intending to hand them over to Rocky.

However, nobody answers the door.

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