Faltu 15th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 15th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 15th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 15th May 2023 episode starts with Faltu grabbing Tanisha’s hand tightly when Tanisha tries to hit Faltu.

Looking at Tanisha’s angry face, Faltu informs her that if a cricketer slaps Tanisha, Tanisha will not be able to stand up from the bed for two days straight.

Faltu’s words cause Tanisha to see red in anger and Faltu announces that she will not tell anyone the file locations, instead the files will only reach the court the next day.

Afterward, when Siddharth, Tanisha, and Kanika enter Siddharth's room, Tanisha starts breaking all the things out of anger while Kanika tries to calm her down, stating that they need to do the damage control now.

Sid scolds Tanisha for losing her temper.

At the same time, Tanisha yells that Faltu has defeated them today because the files contain all the documents that can prove Ayaan's innocence and that she wanted to be the one to save Ayaan, not Faltu.

She further states that all the family members will organize a party for Faltu the next day so Faltu will become a hero in their eyes.

However, Sid advises her to calm down as they still have time to make sure Faltu does not reach the court on time.

Sid's advice calms Tanisha down so she walks out of the room with Kanika following her.

He curses Tanisha for not noticing his love as she is blinded by Ayaan and he also tells himself that he will stop Faltu the next day only because it will mean Ayaan will be in jail for a long period so he will have enough time to make Tanisha his.

The next morning, Faltu finds Savita, Mayawati, and Kumkum doing a puja so she asks Savita if something is special today to which Savita replies that today her son Ayaan is coming home because of Faltu.

Savita further locks two of her old bangles around Faltu's wrists, stating that as the elder daughter-in-law of this house, Faltu has the right to wear them while Faltu replies that she is not used to wearing too much heavy gold.

Mayawati also praises Faltu for winning everyone's heart in the house slowly with her charm when Isha arrives there, questioning if everyone has gone mad.

Isha announces that Ayaan is in jail yet the family members are busy showering Faltu with love forgetting that they are living in this house due to Tanisha's charity.

Kinshuk then scolds Isha for creating chaos in the hall which upsets Isha so she leaves the hall with angry tears.

After Isha leaves, Tanisha, Sid, and Kanika arrive in the hall and Tanisha gets frustrated to see the bangles in Faltu's hand.

When she asks about it, Janardhan announces that, unlike Tanisha, Faltu has proved to be a perfect daughter-in-law of the Mittal family.

Kanika reminds Janardhan that they are living in the house which belongs to Tanisha only which shuts Janardhan up.

Afterward, Savita along with many family members stays back at the house while only Faltu, Janardhan, and Suhana go to the court for the hearing.

On the other hand, in jail, the police inspector taunts Ayaan, saying that maybe Ayaan will have to come back to the police station soon but Ayaan replies that he is confident enough to know he is not returning.

Meanwhile, Faltu's car gets attacked by Tanisha's goons but Faltu does not have any documents with her so when Tanisha comes to know this, she becomes furious.

Whereas Ayaan also tells the police inspector that he knew Faltu's car would be attacked so Faltu has already arranged everything when they arrive at the court.

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