Faltu 16th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 16th April 2023 episode starts with Kanika and Tanisha telling Faltu that she should be thankful for their grace.

Faltu is stunned hearing their sharp words, helplessly watching the media cover every second of her humiliation.

Charan Singh finds himself unable to see her daughter and his family getting humiliated as he loses balance.

However, Ayaan suddenly comes to the place and helps Charan Singh, gently giving him water.

In the corner, Sumitra and Sid sigh in relief, knowing that everything would get solved now since Ayaan is here.

Ayaan requests Charan Singh to wait till he finishes what the mess that his father has created.

Meanwhile, Tanisha gets tense as she asks Janardhan why Savita brought Ayaan earlier.

Faltu doesn't want to hear anything that will affect his father and proceeds to leave but Ayaan firmly holds her hand, telling her to wait.

He boldly confronts Janardhan, Kanika and Tanisha in front of the media, telling them that he has understood their true colors by this act.

He tells Tanisha that he has understood her two-sided nature, accusing her of hurting Faltu multiple times.

He then looks at Janardhan and sarcastically asks him if Faltu's humiliation is one of the virtues he has taught Ayaan.

Janardhan whispers to Ayaan, telling him to stop creating a scene in front of the media.

However, Ayaan simply tells him that the scene is yet to be created.

On the other hand, Mayavati tells Savita that she never expected her to betray Ayaan like this, looking infuriated.

Savita breaks out crying in her guilt, telling Mayavati that she only wanted her son to live a better life.

Sumitra taunts her for blindly believing Janardhan, with Govardhan also supporting her.

In the media's mainframe, Ayaan firmly holds Faltu's hand, addressing the media.

He reveals to the media that the conference is actually arranged for the announcement of their love.

He thanks them for covering the conference live, which helped him to understand Janardhan's ways.

Answering their pointed questions, Ayaan tells the media that he has divorced Tanisha and no longer holds any relationship with her.

Hearing this, Tanisha desperately asks Ayaan what he is trying to tell and that he has no proof of the divorce.

As an answer to this, the lawyer comes to the place, showing everyone the divorce papers of Ayaan and Tanisha, approved by the court.

Tanisha is frenzied as she goes through the papers, not able to believe that it is true.

Janardhan slowly whispers to Ayaan that he can still fix everything if he surrenders.

However, Ayaan looks at him rebelliously, telling him that he will do the deed that he should have done a long time ago.

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