Faltu 16th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 16th July 2023 episode starts with Faltu waking up after being thrown garbage at from the house above and getting angry at the misbehaviour. 

She decides to go in and teach them a lesson and sees the party in full swing inside. 

She purposely walks towards the dance floor looking for the owner and asks someone about the owner. 

Just then, a light goes out and the girl tells Faltu that this is time for Neil’s entry. 

Once again the light comes back and the young man makes an entrance while dancing and flirting with all the girls.

Meanwhile, Faltu glares at him angrily and goes to switch off the music and grab everyone's attention. 

Meanwhile, Sid asks Tanu why is she looking so happy while Tanisha tells him that she is happy for Ayaan’s return home.

She assures him that she will look after the home and Ayaan while Sid should focus on the work.

Sid tells her that he trusts her completely and asks her if she will manage everything at home as he will be very busy for a few days. 

Meanwhile, Neil praises Faltu for her unique way of grabbing his attention and flirting with her. 

On hearing her name, he makes fun of her and calls her cute, giving her a dress as a gift that she throws.

Neil asks Faltu what is she doing at his party if she belongs to a reputed family while Faltu empties the garbage on Neil. 

At Mittal House, Tanisha overhears Charan’s conversation on the phone and apologises to him on Ayaan’s behalf. 

She tells him that he should go back to Ittarpur on the next train or Ayaan will continue to misbehave with him.

Charajeet gets angry and tells Tanisha that there is no need for her to interfere between Faltu and Ayaan and they can solve things together when Faltu is back. 

Seeing Tanisha's insistence, Charanjeet asks her suspiciously about her interest in Ayaaan and Faltu’s divorce. 

Elsewhere, Faltu tells Neil that he has invited her to the party by throwing garbage on her which she has come to return with interest. 

Neil looks furious for a minute and then smiles telling Faltu that he likes wild cats while Faltu tells him to apologise.

Neil refuses to apologise and tells her to enjoy the party as long as she likes while Faltu tells her that there will be no party until he apologises. 

Just then, police sirens alert everyone and they all run out of the house while Neil drags Faltu with him. 

Elsewhere, Tanisha tells Charan that she is happy with Sid and even tried to bring Ayaan and Faltu together. 

She also tells him that she is only saying this because of his weak health because she cannot see him toiling in his condition. 

Meanwhile, Faltu argues with Neil for running from the police while Neil tells her that he was only giving happiness to others which his grandfather does not approve of. 

Faltu is about to leave him when he faints on the street. 

Later, Ayaan punches the mirror thinking about Faltu with Ruhaan while Tanisha comes there to comfort him but he gets angry.

Elsewhere, Faltu looks worried to see Neil lying on the floor and calls for help but the auto rickshaw driver refuses to help saying it might be a con.  

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