Faltu 16th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 16th March 2023 episode starts with Sid approaching Ayaan to ask what he is doing.

Ayaan expresses his worry about Rocky not opening the and doubts that he must have caught an infection from the hospital.

They decide to force the door only to find nobody inside.

Sid observes how the balcony door is left open and thinks of the possibility that Rocky has left through the balcony.

Just then, Rocky comes out of the bathroom, looking confused at their presence.

Sid and Ayaan are embarrassed about their impulsive action and Ayaan quickly hands the clothes to Rocky, saying that he can take the ones he liked and leave the room.

Faltu is relieved at reaching the room just in time and quickly goes to sleep.

The next day, Vishal asks the nurse to tell him about the two ward boys who attended to him the previous day.

The nurse though, argues with him, telling him that she has never sent any other staff to look after him on Kanika’s orders and leaves the room.

Just then, Faltu and her friend enter Vishal’s room in their disguise, only to find him looking back at them suspiciously.

Vishal asks them to reveal their identity, saying that he knows that they are not the hospital staff.

He asks them if they are working for Faltu to which the short man smirks and removes his disguise.

Vishal is shocked to see Faltu standing before him.

Faltu shows the video where Vishal accepts for having taken bribes in helping Faltu to be removed from the cricket academy, threatening him to similarly ruin his career if he does not tell her who he is working for.

Vishal innocently tells her that he only did everything for money and has nothing against her, disclosing that it is Ayaan Mittal who wants to destroy her career.

Vishal repeats the the exact words which told by Kanika, attempting to manipulate Faltu into believing his words.

He shows her the bank statement with Ayaan Mittal’s name.

Faltu is utterly shocked hearing this and still cannot believe his words, running away from the place.

Overpowered by her emotions, she remembers all the times that she spent with Ayaan, now thinking them all to be a lie.

In the hospital, Vishal quickly calls Kanika and tells her about Faltu arriving at the hospital.

He threatens her that if his video gets viral, he will take all of them together with his demise.

Kanika is stunned hearing Vishal’s words and angrily cuts the call.

Tanisha, who has overheard her conversation, panics, telling her that she cannot let her life be wasted like this.

Kanika gently reassures her that such a thing would never happen, giving her water to drink.

In the Mittal house, Savita and Mayavati welcome Dr Ajit who has brought them vegetables from their farm.

Faltu, who has reached the Mittal house, is shocked to see Dr Ajit in the house, remembering the temple incident where she hinted to Ayaan that Dr Ajit is her husband.

She tries to quietly hear what they are conversing about, only to be pushed forward by Sumitra who loudly tells everyone about Rocky listening to their conversation.

Ayaan comes to the place and is mildly surprised seeing Dr Ajit.

However, Ayaan beckons him to come with him, wanting to talk something important.

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