Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 16th May 2023 episode starts with Faltu sitting at the car's bonnet and telling the goons to keep getting roasted in this heat but they will not get the file. 

Just then, Janardhan comes there with the police and the goons run away from there.

Afterward, Faltu tells them they should hurry to the court and that the files will arrive in time. 

Outside the court, Tanisha hugs Ayaan expressing her concern while Sid controls his anger. 

Tanisha calls Faltu a liar, telling Ayaan that the proofs are not at court yet while Ayaan tells her that she speaks lies only.

Meanwhile, Janardhan comes there telling Ayaan that Faltu has gone to get the files. 

In the meantime, Ayaan tells the court that he wants to fight his own case as there is no lawyer who is ready to take his case. 

At the same time, the prosecutor tells the judge that this is an open case where Ayaan has misused his power in the company to raise funds and taken a huge loan from his client. 

Ayaan refuses to accept the charges and requests the judge for more time. 

However, Ayaan’s hope shatters when Faltu tells him she cannot find the file where she has kept it.

Elsewhere, Savita has prepared a welcome lunch for Ayaan and eagerly waits for him.  

Meanwhile, Faltu tells Ayaan that some goons snatched the file from her friends. 

Ayaan gets worried and requests more time to find proof while the opposing counsel tells the judge that Ayaan is only trying to waste the court's time as there was no file and Ayaan is guilty of theft. 

Faltu begs the judge to give her another chance as she will get the file while Ayaan also tells the judge to give him time to prove his innocence and expose the culprit. 

After looking at Faltu’s tears, the judge grants them another date and tells Ayaan that it will be their last opportunity. 

Ayaan feels relieved and tells Faltu that he has full faith in her.

After a while, Kanika praises the lawyer for his performance but is disappointed in the judge for giving him another chance to Ayaan. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha comes to Faltu and tells her that as long as she is in Ayaan’s life, he will remain miserable. 

She also tells him that it was her own driver who betrayed him for money. 

Faltu looks shocked while Tanisha is feeling like God and tells Faltu that just like the judge has given Ayaan five days, she is also giving her five days. 

If she agrees to accept defeat and leave Ayaan, then she will set everything to right and get Ayaan out as well or else she knows what lengths she can go to get Ayaan back. 

On the other hand, Savita becomes happy hearing the car's horn. 

Just then Tanisha, Sid, and Kanika come home while Savita tells her that she must feel bad on hearing Ayaan coming back. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha tells her that Ayaan could have been saved if not for Faltu who has ruined everything. 

Faltu also comes home looking defeated while Savita asks her about Ayaan. 

Janardhan cannot face Savita and goes inside the room while Tanisha asks Faltu to tell everyone what she has done. 

Finally, Faltu apologises to Savita telling her that she could not save Ayaan which shocks Savita and she drops the veneration plate.

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