Faltu 17th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 17th April 2023 episode starts with Faltu, who tries to remind Ayaan about their decision to marry only with their parent's permission.

Ayaan marries Faltu:

However, Ayaan tells her that his stopping will make Janardhan try to separate them again.

Charan Singh speaks out, advising him not to take any decision in anger.

Hearing this, Ayaan taunts his father, telling him that he and Charan Singh are poles apart.

Even though Janardhan cruelly insulted him and his daughter, Charan Singh still wants to advise Ayaan.

Faltu tries to calm Ayaan, only for him to turn towards her, staring at her with blazing eyes.

Ayaan slowly tells her to answer if she loves him, reminding her that her words would decide their future together.

Faltu looks into his eyes and confesses her immense love for him, declaring herself in front of the world.

As he receives the reassurance from Faltu, Ayaan firmly takes her hand, and they start circumambulating the holy fire while Ayaan bravely speaks out the marriage vows.

Amongst the audience, Sumitra and Sid stare at them while thinking that their purposes will get fulfilled by Ayaan and Faltu's marriage.

Ayaan then takes the vermillion kept in front of the deities and fills Faltu's forehead with it while she closes her eyes.

In the corner, Anghoori and Faltu's family are pleased to see their little girl marrying a man who truly loves her.

Janardhan disowns Ayaan:

Meanwhile, Tanisha gets tormented to see Ayaan's conviction to marry Faltu, losing her balance as she thinks about it.

Kanika quickly steadies her, venomously looking at Faltu and Ayaan.

She warns them that she will never let them live in peace for ruining Tanisha's life, angrily leaving the conference with Tanisha.

As they leave, Ayaan slowly approaches Janardhan with Faltu, wanting to touch his feet even if he does not wish to bless them.

However, Janardhan steps back and painfully tells Ayaan that he has proved himself not to his son.

Declaring that Ayaan is not his son,

Janardhan leaves the place too.

Tanisha turns hysterical:

After reaching their home, Kanika consoles her daughter by saying that she will make every member of the Mittal family pay for this defamation.

However, Tanisha stands up and tells her that she feels extremely hungry.

She heads towards the kitchen and cuts an apple to eat, smiling hysterically at tasting the sweetness.

Kanika gets scared to see her daughter behaving like this and asks her if everything is alright.

Tanisha then leaves the kitchen and tells her that she wants to find Kanika's wedding dress.

However, Kanika stops her, gently telling Tanisha why she needs the wedding dress.

Tanisha simply tells her that she wants to check if it fits her for her next wedding.

Kanika stares at Tanisha smiling as if she is insane, fearing that the trauma has affected her badly.

She is furious at seeing Tanisha's condition and decides to take all her investments back and bring the Mittals to the streets.

However, Tanisha hugs her mother and tells her that she is alright.

She asks her not to take her investments from the Mittals business, telling Kanika that she has a better plan.

Tanisha gets serious as she tells her that she plans to ruin not only Faltu and Ayaan but also the whole Mittal family for staying silent at the conference.

She starts explaining to Kanika about her plan, who listens to her carefully.

Ayaan and Faltu stay at the Mittal house:

Meanwhile, Mayavati requests Ayaan not to leave Mittal House so soon.

In reply, Ayaan gently tells them that Janardhan has disowned him so he has no right to stay in the house anymore.

He then approaches Faltu, promising her that wherever they live, he will make sure that she is treated with respect.

However, Faltu politely tells him that Janardhan has only done everything due to the pressure of Kanika.

Mayavati also supports Faltu's words and requests Ayaan to stay till she tries to talk to Janardhan.

Ayaan hesitantly agrees after thinking about it for a minute.

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