Faltu 17th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 17th June 2023 episode starts with Ayaan holding Faltu's hand leading her to the reporting area and informs her with joy that all the media will be present.

Seeing this, Faltu becomes concerned about not making a mistake by revealing her identity in front of the media.

Faltu asks Ayaan to leave and not waste his time on her, while Ayaan smiling assures her that he is here to support Faltu.

Meanwhile, when Shanaya sees Faltu, she hugs her and Ruhaan asks Faltu to step aside for 2 minutes because he has something important to discuss.

Faltu lowers her face and sides with Ruhaan, who takes Faltu's hand in his and thanks her for her sacrifice for Shanaya.

When Ayaan sees this he explodes in rage and looks revolted at Ruhaan.

Shanaya shows Ayaan the necklace that Ruhaan had planned to give Faltu but she refused.

This news enrages Ayaan even more because Faltu did not even consider informing him about it while Ruhaan cautions Faltu not to bring a single tear to Shanaya's eyes nor divulge her identity.

Ruhaan takes Shanaya's bags and exits to take her to the changing room while Ayaan questions Faltu about how dare Ruhaan touch her.

Faltu assures her that everything is okay and that Ruhaan was simply asking her to look after Shanaya because it is her first match.

She relaxes Ayaan as Ayaan smiles and wishes Faltu luck in her match.

Meanwhile, all of the media present receive information that Faltu Mittal is playing in disguise for Shanaya in this match and intends to carry out a sting operation to catch Faltu and Shanaya red-handed.

As Faltu enters the changing room, the coach arrives and tells Shanaya that she will be the opening bats-woman.

Faltu enters the washroom after Shanaya, and Shanaya tells Faltu that she doesn't know how she will hide in front of so many girls.

Faltu devises a plan in which when she goes to play, Shanaya must cover her face and leave the room and when Faltu returns from being eliminated, she will quietly return to the changing room.

Ayaan walks around warily believing that something strange is going on and that Faltu is hiding something from him.

He however overhears two journalists discussing how to capture Faltu red-handed as she is playing for Shanaya.

As Faltu approaches the stadium, the media surrounds her and demands that she reveal her face since they have learned that Faltu is playing for Shanya.

Ayaan notices this and distracts the journalists who hurry outside while he sides with her.

When the journalists return they confront Shanaya by removing her mask, while Ayaan and Faltu stand behind the wall and watch the media do so.

Meanwhile, Ayaan recalls confronting Faltu being disguised as Shanaya.

When the media begins grilling Shanaya about Faltu Mittal, Ruhaan arrives and holding Shanaya, questions the media about what is going on.

The media inquires as to Faltu's whereabouts, to which Faltu responds that she went outside to see if Sachin sir was present or not.

However, the media demands to watch Shanaya play on the field because this will disclose the truth since according to their information Shanaya has a significant wrist injury.

Later, Faltu, Ayaan, and Shanaya are in a separate room with the authorities and the head questions the coach angrily about how he neglected Shanaya's wrist injury.

The coach informs the head that Shanaya proved herself best on the field therefore it never struck him.

The head insists that Shanaya's hand be examined to determine whether she has a wrist injury or not.

During the inspection, Shanaya screams in pain prompting the head to order an instant termination letter for Faltu and Shanaya.

Ruhaan challenges the head stating that Faltu was not even present when Shanaya was approached by the media.

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